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Promotion Tips

There are lots of ways you can promote trash nothing on your group. Here are a few ideas:

Send an ADMIN message to your Group
The simplest way to announce trash nothing on your group is to send an Admin email to the group. Below is a sample announcement you can use or modify.

You can make this announcement even more effective by adding it to your group's Files and selecting the option to auto-send it to the group every month or when new members join. (To add a File to your group, go to your group's Files page and click the Create Text File button which looks like a document with a plus sign on it)

Add a link to your Group Homepage
Add a link to to your group's home page to let people know about it. You can copy and paste the HTML from any one of the ads below to add them to your home page.

Simple Ad

Homepage HTML

Animated Ad

Homepage HTML

Detailed Ad

Homepage HTML

Simple Button

Homepage HTML

If you want a custom image for your group's homepage (with your group's name in it for example), let us know and we'll create one for you.

To edit your group's home page, go to:
Management > Control Panel > About Group > Group Description

Add a message your Group Email Footer
Add a small note to the footer of your group emails with a link to Below is some sample footer text you can use or modify.

To edit your group's email footer, go to:
Management > Control Panel > Email Template > Email Footer

Change your Group Welcome Message
Let new members know about trash nothing as soon as they join. Simply edit your group Welcome message and add some text about You can use the email footer or Admin message sample texts above or create your own.

To edit your group's welcome message, go to:
Management > Control Panel > Notifications > Welcome Message

Change your post rejection messages
When you reject member posts because they aren't formatted correctly, it's the perfect time to refer them to trash nothing to ensure that all their future posts are correctly formatted. Here's a sample note you could use: