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2d - any small wooden units, or any wood to burn please.
2d - After nets 75inch and 45 drop. And curtains a pair 45 inch wide and 55 drop...
2d - cancel post.
2d - can you say what size tyre you have please.
3d - Cancel post.
3d - Any fire would please. If you want to drop a sofa at mine, i can use the...
3d - My neighbour is due very soon,and doesnt know the sex, so any clothes,...
7d - Have some hard dvd empty cases, maybe a dvd shop,
7d - For bombay pototoes, any veggie curry please.
7d - After pair of mans trousers please.
9d - Asking if anyone has a snooker table please. I can travel on a bus...
9d - Anyone have any coal please,
15d - Cancelling my post.
15d - Gone to tip.
15d - Anyone have a hip flask please.
15d - Anyone have a microwave please.
15d - Cancel post
16d - After a racer mens bike to fix, if anyone can help me.
16d - Anyone have a dab radio please,
24d - Asking for a food blender, wanna make soup.
25d - After pair of work mans trousers please.