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Same freecycling groups, new and improved interface
designed just for freecycling groups,
trash nothing! makes your groups quicker and easier to use 

Works great on your mobile phone!

Custom Inbox
With trash nothing, you don't have to put up with all your group's email in your personal email account anymore. The whole trash nothing site works like a custom inbox for your freecycling groups and only replies to your posts will be sent to your main email address.

Post Categorization
Posts are automatically color coded by their type so you can browse quicker.

Post Type Filters

You can also filter group posts so that you only see offers, wants or any combination of post types.

And most offer posts are automatically removed when taken so you waste less time with offers that are no longer available (and wants that have been received are removed too).

Email Alerts
Be the first to reply to new posts with instant email alerts for items you're interested in.

Photo Galleries for Posts
The post composer makes it easy to create photo galleries for items you post and automatically handles subject line formatting for all of your posts.

Less Spam, More Privacy
The email that goes through trash nothing is aggressively filtered to weed out spam before it can reach you. And all communication with other group members goes through your special trash nothing email account so that your personal email address is always kept private unless you decide to share it.

Manage & View Multiple Groups
Seamlessly browse posts from all your groups on one page.

Your Posts Page
Your Posts page shows the posts you have made and makes it easy for you to mark your offers as taken and your wants as received.

Daily Digest Emails
With the daily digest emails, it's never been easier to keep up with all your groups. You can receive one daily digest email every morning which will summarize all the previous days activity for all of your freecycling groups.

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trash nothing! web and mobile freecycle posts
A new inbox to view your group posts.

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Post Composer
The post composer makes posting to your groups with the correct subject line and photos easier than ever.

Your Groups
Your Groups page allows you to manage your group subscriptions and easily add new ones.

Daily Digest Email Preview
The daily digest emails make it easy to keep up with the activity on your group.