trash nothing

Developer API

trash nothing! provides a REST API which allows developers to build apps on top of the trash nothing platform (with thousands of new posts every day and millions of users from around the world).

To use the trash nothing! API:

Register App

To register an app, login to trash nothing!.

If you don't have an account, it only takes a minute to create an account.

Client Libraries

The trash nothing! API is documented using the OpenAPI 2.0 specification which supports automatic generation of API client libraries in 30+ languages.

To download an API client library in the language you need, use the Generate Client option at this Swagger Editor page.

Alternatively, you can use any OpenAPI 2.0 compatible code generation library with the trash nothing! API specification file for more control over the code output (eg. Swagger Codegen or Autorest).


It is recommended to use the ReDoc interface below to view the API documentation.


There is also a Swagger* interface to view the API documentation. It lacks the display of min and max values for parameters but it does have a useful "Try it out" feature that allows you to experiment with the API directly from the documentation.

*For Swagger, you may need to copy and paste the following URL into the Explore field at the top of the page to load the trash nothing API (as of May 2022):

Help & Support

If you have a question or issue with the API, contact us.