crocosmia & Lysimachia punctata (Hawthorne Hills in NE Seattle)

Approximately 2 gallons of orange crocosmia tubers (enough for several square feet planted), & one gallon bag of yellow loosestrife (Lysimachia punctata) roots mostly with tops still attached. Both are dug up from thinning parts of the garden. The photo with the bags is their current status; photo with blooms shows you what they look like in July. Now is an excellent time to plant. Both are robust garden plants, wanting at least some sun. Claim one or both. The loosestrife is best planted where it is naturally contained (e.g., between a rockery and sidewalk, or similar). Give me a date and 4-hr window when you will come get them, and I will give you the address. I don't easily text - email communication, please, or give me a phone number for me to call you back.

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