Dell 3110CN colour laser printer (Ashton-on-Ribble PR2)

in GWO apart from one teensy weensy flaw - every page has magenta smudges down the left hand side (see pic). For positive thinkers this is a "unique watermark" on every page! Magenta toner has leaked all over the inside. I've tried to clean it several times but it has made no difference. Now the magenta toner has run out and it won't print until a new one is fitted. I have lived with the "watermark" for a year or two but have now decided to get a new printer. If you take this on you will need to fit a new magenta cartridge - they are 35+ quid off ebay for a compatible. But a substandard "compatible" cartridge could be what caused the problem. Until the toner leak it was a rock-solid and reliable printer and could be again. It is however VERY heavy - a 2-foot solid cube. USB or network interface.

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