Small portable WASHING MACHINE (W. 77th Street/Col. & Amst.)

GRAB and GO. This Washing Machine is GOING ON THE CURB at 5pm today as multiple "takers" failed to show up. So their loss could be your gain! 123 W. 77th St. (between Columbus/Amsterdam north side of the street literally where the fire hydrant sits. note that machine is "wrapped" in a small refrigerator box (for protection) and the bottom of the box is missing but I will tape it to keep it from falling out.

Used Panda portable apartment-sized washing machine. This machine worked great for two and a half years with twice weekly use. But the last time I tried turning it on, there was an error message of some sort and after I jiggled the cord going into the machine it finally turned on . BUT I noticed that the cord leading into the machine was freyed/damaged. Am sure this is fixable but I am not that mechanical and I no longer have use for such a small machine with no drier. Hence I am not interested in having it repaired.

Perfect for small apartments and small loads: 1.34 Qu.ft, 10-lb capacity. 19.5"D x 20"W x 34"H. Its a top loader and weights approximately 58 pounds. Purchased on Amazon for about $300.Panda model (PAN56MGP3). This does not come with a drier. Includes the Inlet hose with faucet adaptor, regular 3 prong power cord and operating manual. Max Spin Speed 800 RPM; 110 Volts. More info can be obtained on Amazon. I will be putting on the curb probably late Thursday night for Friday recycling day. We can help someone take it downstairs (5th floor walk-up) but I cannot deliver. Needs truck, van or probably even a car.