Books: Florey

Hi Everyone,


  * Steven King, The Stand
  * Jeffry Archer, Sins of the Father
  * Jackie Collins, Vendetta: Lucky's Revenge
  * Jackie Collins, Lucky
  * Steven King, The Dead Zone
  * Steven King, Desperation
  * Steven King, Wizard and Glass
  * Morris West, Eminence
  * Wilbur Smith, The Seventh Scroll
  * Wilbur Smith, River God,
  * Bryce Courtney. Jack of Diamonds
  * Bryce Courtney, Fishing for Stars
  * James Patterson, Cross Fire
  * Jeffry Archer,Only Time Will Tell
  * John Connolly, Every Dead Thing
  * Michael Crichton, Congo & Terminal Man (two novels in one)
  * Steven King, Rose Madder
  * Steven King,Dolores Claiborne

Trade Paperback Mark Abernathy, Counter Attack


  * Campbell Armstrong, Jig
  * James A Michener, Legacy

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