Books: Florey

Hi Everyone,

Mostly paperbacks, fair to good condition.

Prefer go in one lot.

Jeffry Deaver:

  * The Bone Collector
  * Hell's Kitchen
  * A Maiden's Grave
  * The Coffin Dancer
  * Speaking in Tongues
  * The Empty Chair
  * Bloody River Blues
  * The Blue Nowhere (Trade paperback)
  * The Empty Chair (Trade Paperback)

James Patterson

  * Toys (Trade Paperback)
  * Kill Me If You Can

Wilbur Smith

  * When The Lion Feeds
  * Eagle In The Sky
  * 2 in 1 Book
      o River God
      o Eagle In The Sky

Sydney Sheldon

  * 2 in 1 Book
      o If Tomorrow Comes
      o Tell Me Your Dreams
  * 2 in 1 book
      o The Other Side of Midnight
      o The Sands of Time

Steven King

  * Salem's Lot
  * Misery
  * The Bachman Books
  * Nightmares and Dreamscapes
  * Four Past Midnight
  * Needful Things
  * Different Seasons
  * The Green Mile 2-6
  * Just After Sunset (Trade Paperback)
  * Full Dark, No Stars (Trade Paperback)
  * Bachman - Blaze (Trade Paperback)
  * Four Past Midnight (Hardcover)
  * Dreamcatcher (Hardcover)

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