small 1990s toys - muppets, batman, ,simpsons etc [20886]

Found in a bin at the back of the closet, these are 20-30 years old.
Figured I would see if anyone would like them before disposing.

for scale, Yoda is 3 inches high

1. Yoda, 1996 copyright date
2. Muppet Babies - Kermit on Skateboard (I think this is a McDonald's
happy meal toy)
3. Muppet Babies - Ms Piggy in car (likewise)
4. Bart Simpson on skateboard, 1990 copyright date
5. Captain Crunch
6. Super Grover
7. Grover zipper pull
8. Grover finger puppet and small flip book "Pop Goes the Santa" where
cookie monster is santa
9. poseable Batman with cape. utility belt grappling hook pulls out and
retracts, although the string isn't super long.
10. unknown alien / science fiction looking figure in green and black

take one, some or all, whatever you are interested in

Porch pickup in East Montgomery Village near Lake Marion, zip 20886
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