5 Star Wars action figures + small X-wing toy [20886]

Found another bin in the back of the closet. Small lot of Star Wars items:

1. Obi Wan Kenobi plus lightsaber, backpack and helmet (you can swap his
head for the helmet version). I think there is supposed to be a 'bullet'
that goes in the backpack launcher but I can't find it
2. Plo Koon figure only, no lightsaber
3. Clone trooper in Kashyyyk camouflage with blaster
4. Clone trooper in Kashyyk camouflage with large blaster (no 'bullet'
for this either)
5. Clone trooper commander in Kashyyyk camouflage but his hands are
missing (don't ask, I don't know :)
6. an X-wing wheeled toy that has a pull-back motor but it's pretty
weak, only works on smooth surface

The action figures are the 3.75 inch variety.

Take one, some or all, whatever you would like.

Porch pickup in East Montgomery Village near Lake Marion, zip 20886