Fancy Schmancy Clock (Waring Station 20874)

The dome is glass, but the rest is gold-look plastic. I believe it works.
The plastic base has some wear, which is evident in the photo. It might be
able to be buffed out, but take care not to buff through the gold layer. It
requires one AA and one C size battery. I don't have much use for C
batteries, so it must go. The C battery is for the clock and the AA is for
the oscillating balls.

I will wait 3 days before picking a taker. If I get multiple takers, the
one who replies with the most interesting fact about time (judged solely by
me and my decision is final) will get it.

Specify a 4-hour window for a porch pickup, with a doorbell ring as a
backup in case of inclement weather. *Good luck!*
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