iPad (for parts or repair) 32Gb (Pepperell)

First Generation
Model A1337, WiFi & Cellular
No charger, no charge/data cable.
I don't have the originals so it may be as simple as the correct power adapter.
As stated in the Title, this is for parts or repair.
The screen is perfect, no cracks, I would say the digitizer is fine also but cannot test it
Backside has normal wear from sitting on table

With charge cable attached,
- Screen is flashing (about once every 2-3 seconds
- I've had the Apple Logo appear but that's as far as I can get
- I have opened it, there is one wire not connected (near the volume control, lock switch)

I will recycle it at the end of this week if there is no interest.

Mailbox pickup. Estimate a day and time when you can pick up and I’ll have it ready.

Fair Offer Policy applies