Pipes (Pvc, metal for natural gas) (Pinehurst / Northgate)

Miscellaneous homeowner accumulated stuff, needs to be pared down.

Black french drain, approx 4"
6 black metal pipes, approx 7' long, I think they're for natural gas
Other natural gas pipes, shorter pieces
Purple metal poles from a kids' playset
2 ~2' long gutter downspout sections
Large tan thing was a hot tub filter; holds water
Misc PVC pipes and fittings
Aluminum thing for directing water from a downspout away from your house

When responding, please include:
- Day of pickup (any day between now and Monday June 3, after that it goes to Goodwill or the dump)
- 3-hour time window for pickup

Fair Offer Policy applies
Collection Times
Today through end of Sunday June 2.

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