A Wake-up Call....
It is so easy to throw something away because you think "it's only ONE little item" or "Who's going to want it, anyway?" Well, I spent 4 years down and out. Like, on the streets, sleeping in Boston Commons. Homeless, broke and nothing but the clothes on my back. It made me realize how much I took everyday items for granted. To have a bottle of nice, smelly shampoo instead of the 'all-in-one bodywash, hand soap and shampoo' the shelters gave us. Or another blouse or jacket instead of washing & wearing the same outfit over, and over, and over. Or even a luxury accessory like an umbrella!

I love Trash Nothing and I love sharing the stuff I don't need anymore. I share the Trash Nothing link on a regular basis and here to help this site grow. If there's any way I can be of use, let me know!

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