Lockdown book exchange
During the lockdown caused by covid my wife ran out of books to read, so she suggested we put some of her read books out front with a sign saying book exchange. What happened next was a real shook. People came and knocked the door asking if they could leave us carrier bags full of books, as the charity shops were shut. We gladly accepted and set up tables to display them. Then we ended up with more books than we could display so we looked on Trash Nothing and sourced book cases. We then built a shelter to keep the books weatherproof and then ended up with enough book cases to fill the 3 metre square enclosure. We now have ended up with puzzles and other items for people to exchange. One lady came from a fair distance just to be able to get puzzles for her disabled daughter who is at risk and stuck in isolation. We have now set it up so people who do not have books to exchange can leave a food donation for the local food bank. We advertised the book exchange on Trash Nothing and have had many visitors who are greatful to use the exchange. Thank you Trash Nothing for helping with our community venture.

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