Community caring n sharing
I think it's a great thing to share and care and to enrich others lives with items that we ourselves dont need or want. It serves well as it cuts down on unnecessary clutter in our homes and lives and I would urge you out there to have a good old clear out and spring-clean! And to get rid of don't want use or need ! .. let's start caring about one another and each others wants and needs .. let's all
help each other ! .. let's do the kind thing and show everyone what community spirit is all about ! I've been on trash nothing and similar for many years.. I've managed to gift out 70 items now and I've also Been gifted thimgs back ! .. thanks ! To everyone who's been kind and helpful to me ! Thanks to boomer for the cardboard boxes ! .and thanks to val for the theatre programmes ! I always need them for storage ! All the best to everyone out there and happy gifting and receiving ! Happy coming spring !

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