God is so good!
I completely forgot just how long I’ve been a member here until I looked into my profile! I haven’t gone anywhere since 6 years ago when I stumbled across this site while looking at Craigslist and the suggested pages to visit. I’m a single mother of 2 trying to make it through this pandemic! Although it’s taken my job, changed my income, made a lot of things very difficult and limit our resources, I refuse to let it bring me down and be bitter at life! I recently got an approval to move into my lovely new apartment with my kids and fiancé and started reaching out through trash nothing, and when I say God is an amazing God!! He truly is!! I have furnished at least 70% of my place thanks to this site and am seriously blessed!! I wouldn’t give it up for anything and have all of my friends and family so amazed at how this site has helped my family out!! I love it here!!

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