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Request: large plant pots - any type Expired - hi All, Been going crazy with gardening and need some large size plant pots to repot plants. Plastic or any material is fine. If anyone is cleaning out their house/shed, these would be gratefully received. Many thanks, Sascha Offer: box of kids toys for 3-5s Expired - hi All, a box of assorted kids toys for 3-5y.o's various cars but not really gender specific pick up Double Bay thanks Sascha ________________________________ Sent: Thursday, 13 February 2020 5:27 AM To: Sascha Ettinger <saschee@hotmail.com> Subject: [cid:c1bcbcec-f25c-4e31-9c36-5b17f24557fd@KORP216.PROD.OUTLOOK.COM] [cid:d38526fc-53db-44f5-aa04-fedbead4f10a@KORP216.PROD.OUTLOOK.COM] Offer: 3 blonde timber barstools with metal base Expired - hi I was going to sell these as they are in great condition but am too lazy! one gas lift starts to slowly drift down so needs a fix but otherwise they are pretty good. Pls see pics. Pick up Double bay (ps there is council clean up at the moment so you might see something else good down here too!)
Photo of free 3 blonde timber barstools with metal base
Offer: box of kids toys/trucks/cars and wooden noah's ark Expired - hi All Box of cars/trucks/figurines/stuff on offer - suits kids up to about 5 pick up Double Bay Thanks Sascha [cid:ccfb44cf-e919-4341-a7f1-73145eaebb70@KORP216.PROD.OUTLOOK.COM] [cid:ce2a3aa6-8233-43c3-a7f8-87e05ebae7af@KORP216.PROD.OUTLOOK.COM] Request: LARGE PLANT POTS AND SAUCERS - plastic or otherwise Expired - If anyone has any large pots or saucers lying around (plastic or otherwise), I am looking for some as my plants are all outgrowing their current pots! Poor things are getting rootbound. Can collect when convenient for you. many thanks, Sascha 0427778876 Request: umbrella stroller Expired - hi All, Just looking for one of those cheap foldable strollers... I had 4 collected from the throwouts, however wheels have fallen off most of them. Please let me know if any are available. Doesn't have to have the shade, just 4 wheels and a decent seat to sit on - to get my kid to school up steep hill! thank you Sascha 0427778876 Offer: moving boxes Expired - Lots of them diff sizes in good condition. Must pick up by end of weekend. We can leave in driveway easily accessible. Double bay Thank you Sascha 0427778876 Offer: 4 camping chairs Expired - Have been in garage storage but all functional Pick up double bay. Thank you Sascha 0427778876 ________________________________ From: Sascha Ettinger <saschee@bigpond.net.au> Sent: Thursday, 30 May 2019 11:47:39 PM To: Sascha Ettinger Subject: [cid:0dc44eca-0132-431b-982f-601da901f7c9@KORP216.PROD.OUTLOOK.COM] Offer: curved desk and chest of drawers Expired - in good condition pick up Double Bay before end of Friday Sorry for the late notice Sascha or Hal 0411311236 [cid:1cdcb2a7-0eef-46cf-9cb5-8445ccb518a3@KORP216.PROD.OUTLOOK.COM] [cid:d99aef90-d3cf-43f6-9310-88bc4cef77b0@KORP216.PROD.OUTLOOK.COM] [cid:c06a2d0d-2b14-41fd-8ec4-f247f6897ab5@KORP216.PROD.OUTLOOK.COM] Request: car booster seat for 5 y.o Expired - hi All, Wondering if anyone has a car booster seat in decent condition for an older child (nearly 5)? Baby car seat is getting a bit squishy. I see these on the street in council clean ups quite often but would love one from someone who can vouch that it is still functional and hasn't been in any crazy road crashes. Thank you Sascha Offer: box of mixed kids toys and books 1-3 year olds Expired - hi All Box of mixed toys/puzzles/books Best suits 1-3 years old Pick up Double Bay Thanks Sascha Offer: Set of CDs and manuals - Adobe Photoshop 7.0, Illustrator, Indesign Expired - Set of CDs and manuals - Adobe Photoshop 7.0, Illustrator, Indesign Pick up Double Bay thank you Sascha ________________________________ [cid:4E105B9A-9634-405D-B8B7-2D77BC7F997D] [cid:E7D9CD36-99BF-4F07-85AA-65DE84CF192D] Offer: uniden cordless phone system wit 3 handsets Gifted - Please see pic. Still in perfect condition with box Pick up double bay Sascha ________________________________ From: Sascha Ettinger <saschee@bigpond.net.au> Sent: Saturday, 12 May 2018 1:37:05 AM To: Sascha Ettinger Subject: [cid:db86c9ba-cec0-478e-a81c-e3a5bff6a4d0@KORP216.PROD.OUTLOOK.COM] Offer: Winnie the poo Portacot Expired - In good working order, needs some cleaning due to storage. See pics attached Pick up double Bay asap! Thanks Sascha IMG_7432 IMG_7433 Request: fridge, single beds Expired - hi Peoples, Need a simple fridge and single beds for refugee family if anyone has any of these they wish to get rid of! Thank you Sascha 0427778876 Offer: dismantled kitchen parts Expired - hi All, Re-doing a kitchen so have cupboards and sinks and stuff already ripped out if anyone is wanting to use them. Please get in touch and I can send pics thanks Sascha Offer: Kids toy Parking garage Expired - In good condition. Plastic but a nice design and you can rebuild all the ramps however you like them so good for creating and building Pick up double bay. Pics attached Thanks Sascha Offer: Kids rocking horse Expired - Needs a good clean as has been in storage for ages but still cute and otherwise in good condition. Pic attached. Pick up double bay ASAP - can leave it out for someone Thanks Sascha 9F1A0CD0-156B-46BC-B526-BB337E305F52 Offer: big box of NEC phones Expired - See pics below - large box of these phones and cables. Pick up Moore park Thanks Sascha ________________________________ From: Sascha Ettinger <saschee@bigpond.net.au> Sent: Tuesday, 17 October 2017 2:01:36 AM To: Sascha Ettinger Subject: [cid:b416447c-66fc-43ea-b7de-e0318b4eddd9@KORP216.PROD.OUTLOOK.COM] [cid:5547ce34-c76e-4bf1-a9c7-737fff7b9f42@KORP216.PROD.OUTLOOK.COM] [cid:ce1e9b27-89b4-427d-882b-a7f9898e8425@KORP216.PROD.OUTLOOK.COM] Request: Blankets - any condition Expired - I regularly help a charity that looks after refugees (and others) and they are particularly looking for blankets this winter, as current electricity prices mean heating is unaffordable for a lot of people. If you have any blankets you no longer need, I will come and collect ! with thanks, Sascha Offer: Kerbside alert : great smart trike & soft toys Expired - Perfect condition pink smart trike and soft toys being thrown out on street at 3 wallaroy road woollahra/double bay. Near manning road end. Couldn't fit it in my car ... hope someone can grab Thanks Sascha ________________________________ From: Sascha Ettinger <saschee@bigpond.net.au> Sent: Sunday, 23 July 2017 7:10:42 AM To: Sascha Ettinger Subject: [cid:45d21773-3996-46e6-a1df-f6bc9178feef@KORP216.PROD.OUTLOOK.COM] Offer: cane chest Expired - Large cane chest. See pics. In decent condition but foot has been repaired. Pick up Double Bay Thanks Sascha ________________________________ From: Sascha Ettinger <saschee@bigpond.net.au> Sent: Saturday, 22 July 2017 4:34:29 AM To: Sascha Ettinger Subject: [cid:fff33f6f-c568-496d-8655-33f123cea562@KORP216.PROD.OUTLOOK.COM] [cid:4f4737eb-a3b9-42d2-9150-1137c8f51b7c@KORP216.PROD.OUTLOOK.COM] Offer: Extend-a-gate Expired - Extension for child or pet safety gate - still in box, pics attached Pick up Double Bay Thank you! Sascha ________________________________ From: Sascha Ettinger <saschee@bigpond.net.au> Sent: Saturday, 15 July 2017 10:18 AM To: Sascha Ettinger Subject: [cid:e5af69c3-aa2d-4447-be7e-825061c0f4a9@KORP216.PROD.OUTLOOK.COM] [cid:953ea490-221a-4f8d-aaaf-c3ada6ab41bb@KORP216.PROD.OUTLOOK.COM] Request: bunk bed for a refugee family Expired - hi guys Just wondered if anyone has a simple bunk bed they need to get rid of. A family out at Auburn needs one urgently - a mother and four daughters living in a one bedroom place! Will pick up ! Thank you Sascha Offer: inflatable pool thingy Expired - hi All, Wondering if anyone can use this inflatable pool thing I have. It seems to be missing some kind of structure that would make it rigid, but otherwise it seems functional. Check out the pic and see if it can be useful to anyone before I figure out how to recycle it. Pick up Double Bay if interested Thank you Sascha IMG_0875 Offer: Small kids water play table Expired - Small kids water play table with 3 sections. Can also be used for sand. Legs detach easily so can be stored. Pick up Double Bay. I can give you a bag of beach toys to use with it too if you need them!! Thanks Sascha IMG_0316 IMG_0322 IMG_0323 Offer: Basic ride-on car Expired - Very basic, no frills but she goes! Looks a bit dirty in pic but I will give it a scrub for you. Pick Up Double Bay Thanks Sascha IMG_0265 Offer: Ride-on horsey-mobile Expired - Ride-on horsey-mobile. Wheels are wide apart and big, so very stable and suitable for 1 y.o and onward. Washable seat cover which I recently washed... Pick up Double Bay thanks! Sascha IMG_0262 Offer: 2 micro scooters - Picture - Sorry forgot to attach! Expired - here is the pic! scooters Offer: 2 scooters that need minimal fixing Expired - hi I have 2 micro scooters that need a little bit of love - new rubber handgrips etc - but still scoot Pick up Double Bay Thanks you Sascha