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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Tree for firewood (Greenfield) - Logs would need to be cut and split Request: Pond lillies (Greenfield) - Any colors Offer: Broom (Greenfield) Expired - Angled nylon bristles Request: Strange request/offer (Brattleboro) Expired - Looking for people who would be willing to pick up litter while you walk. If you want you could drop it off on western ave in Brattleboro or Elm st in Greenfield and I would sort recycles/compost/landfill. If you're a member of Brattleboro time trade or valley time trade I would be willing to give you time for the walking and drop off. If you need bags you can pick some up here as well. Thank you for being a litter lugger. Request: Holly bushes & tulip bulbs (Brattleboro) Expired - I would like a male and a female of the holly, the tulip bulbs I would like the double ones any color Request: Coin rolls (Greenfield) Expired - Especially ones for dimes Offer: Pig feed/compost (Greenfield) Expired - Available on Saturdays Offer: Plant pots (Brattleboro) Expired - Variety of sizes and shapes Offer: Girls bike (Brattleboro) Expired - Barbie theme has training wheels pick up anytime Request: Silverware (Greenfield) Expired - No wood or plastic handles Request: Canning jars (Greenfield) Expired - Pint size with or without the rings Request: Cucumbers (Greenfield) Expired - Looking for over ripe ones that are getting yellow Offer: Sterno (Greenfield) Expired - Nine cans barely used pick up in Greenfield possible delivery to surrounding area Request: 2 liter bottles (Greenfield) Expired - Plastic bottles Offer: Perennials (Greenfield) Expired - Pink anemone's we divided a plant that we put in at least 10 years ago. Lot's of babies. Picture available Offer: Perennials (Greenfield) Expired - We have light pink turtle head (they look more purple to me) probably some thing else tomorrow Offer: Perennials (Greenfield) Gifted - Variety bring bucket's Offer: Pipe insulation (Greenfield) Expired - At least three pieces picture available Offer: Packing peanuts (Greenfield) Expired - 2-3 boxes Request: Canning jars (Brattleboro) Expired - Either wide mouth or regular. I need them for the free harvest supper in Greenfield. Looking to borrow or keep if it's to borrow you can have what I have after the 13th Offer: Fabric (Greenfield) Expired - Mostly orange partial bolt heavy duty like burlap picture available Offer: Confetti stars (Greenfield) Gifted - Different sizes mixed red ones and gold ones more colors coming Offer: Driveway sealant applicator (Greenfield) Gifted - Looks like a broom 18" wide picture available Offer: Driveway sealant applicator (Greenfield) Gifted - Looks like a broom 18" wide Offer: Packing materials (Greenfield) Expired - Peanuts and bubble wrap Offer: Kirby vacuum (Greenfield) Gifted - Barely used must take all the attachments including a shampooer and all the paperwork Offer: Variety of items (Greenfield) Gifted - Small bag of shells, small bottle green glitter, three Port cable connection, round piece of rubber 9 1/2 in across Offer: Variety of stuff (Greenfield) Gifted - Two books, metal can about 3-4 gallons with cover farm theme pictures around the side pictures available Offer: Exercise ball (Greenfield) Gifted - Blue picture available Offer: Variety of stuff (Greenfield) Gifted - Green glass bottle, Halloween themed cat hugtoy, dragon stained glass candle holder, George foreman grill, electric indoor grill, variety of CD's. Pictures available