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Offer: Buggy (Brighton Hill) - I have this purple buggy to give way Comes with cosytoes and raincover I give it until tomrrow and I'l put all names that are intrested in a bowl and will pick the lucky winner . Unless some one is desperate urgently in need of one right away then that person will have the first choice. Hope this is fair . Happy freecycling to all .
Request: Christmas (Brighton Hill) - Would anyone be so kind and help with stuff for Christmas like toys for children ages from 2 -11 years and Christmas decoration please Kind regards Request: Halloween costumes (Brighton Hill) Withdrawn - in need some Halloween costumes girls sizes from 1-12 years and boys ages from 7 years - 12 years can anyone help please Request: children toys (Brighton Hill) Withdrawn - hello was wondering if anyone would kindly help .. I'm looking for children toys for boys ages from 7 years -12 years and girl toys ages for 10 months to 11years hope some people can help kind regards Request: winter clothes (Brighton Hill) - was wondering if anyone could help... I'm looking for winter clothes girls: size 2-3 ,5-6 years and 11-12 years, boys : size 7-8 years and 12-13 years also ladies clothes tops size 16 and bottoms size 18 (no jeans please ) kind regards Offer: outside toys (Brighton Hill) Withdrawn - outside toys... 2 our battery operated but theses do not work maybe just needs new batterys.. other one is used condition but still use able Request: Children toys (Brighton Hill) Received - Good evening wondering if anyone is gifting any children toys girls and boy ages from baby to 12 years please kind regards Request: Children swimg (Brighton Hill) Withdrawn - looking for a child swing like this one in the photo...Please it's for my toddlers there one broke due to their older sibblings Now I have 2 upset lil ones .I said to my older ones if someone can kindly give us another one they are not alould to go on it etc as it's only for theyounger ones. really hope someone can help kind regards God bless you all Request: Xbox 360 controller and games (Brighton Hill) - so much to ask I'm sorry but has anyone got any spare working xbox 360 controllers and games for children please that would be willing to give to a family that would appacate and be very grateful . kind regards Offer: nappy bin (Brighton Hill) Gifted - in clean condition never really used it collection Brighton hill
Request: TOYs (Brighton Hill) - looking for toys for boys age 6 years and 11 years and girls ages 10 months up to 9 years can anyone help please kind regards Request: boys tracksuits (Brighton Hill) - looking for size 11-12,12-13 years boys tracksuits please Request: baby girl clothes 6-12 months (Brighton Hill) - despretly in need baby girl clothes size from 6 months plus... like baby grows and vests please Offer: baby bath seat (Brighton Hill) - blue baby bath seat Offer: bath seat (Brighton Hill) - bath seat in good condition
Request: baby activity sit in table (Brighton Hill) Received - looking for a baby activity sit in toy not like a spin and sit activity table Request: dolls things (Brighton Hill) - hello hope everyone is well.. sorry to be rude and ask but would anyone be so kind and give away doll things like a dolls chair ,dolls high chair etc be much grateful thank you in advance Request: tommee tippee bottles (Brighton Hill) Received - was wondering if anyone is giving away clean tommee tippee bottles please Offer: mama and Papas changing unit (Brighton Hill) Gifted - mama and Papas changing unit with mat collection Brighton hill
Request: pop up kids tent (Brighton Hill) Received - morning all I'm kindly asking if anyone could help I'm in need of a pop up tent for in doors for my toddlers to play in . thank you Request: metal bunk bed (Brighton Hill) - looking for metal bunk bed please can anyone help Offer: sliver cross buggy (Brighton Hill) Gifted - comes with raincover . want this to go to someone that really needs it . this can also be used from new born collection only Brighton hill
Request: boys clothes (Brighton Hill) Received - is anyone giving away any boy clothes size 2-3 3-4 years please it's for a friend who is desprete in need kind regards Request: bouncy castle (Brighton Hill) Received - very check to ask but they do say if you don't ask you won't get so here I go ... would anyone be so give giving away a bouncy castle kind regards Request: children socks (Brighton Hill) - in need of lots of children socks boys and girls please also any spare shoes would be so grateful please Offer: doll buggy (Brighton Hill) Gifted - used but good condition collection only Brighton hill
Offer: asda hoover (Brighton Hill) Gifted - i have a hoover like one in the photo works perfect only thing is the part that attaches to the bottom to Hoover is missing (as it broke) but if anyone can make use out of this please let me know
Request: summerclothes (Brighton Hill) Received - looking for summer clothes.. kids girls dresses size 0-3 months 1-2 years ,4-5 years and 10-11 years . also ladies summer top size 14 -16please Request: bath toys (Brighton Hill) Received - does anyone have any bath toys they would donate please kind regards and happy Easter Offer: steamer (Brighton Hill) Gifted - used twice