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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Ice Packs for food & Insulated Boxs (SW16) - 5 Small insulated boxes and 6/7 Ice packs which you freeze.
Offer: New Clock (SW16) - It was too big.
Offer: New Sheer Single Curtain. (SW16) - Crystal Slot Top Sheer Single Curtain. White, 145 W x 229 D cm From Wayfair
Offer: Size 6 1/2 Block females shoes. (SW16) - Hardly been worn.
+2 +1
Offer: White flower tie back curtains. (SW16) - 53 inches drop x 60 inches across.
Offer: Green long curtains (SW16) - 83 inches drop x 80 inches acres
Offer: Princess Diana Stamps and Calendar. (SW16) - The calendar has curled up a bit at the bottom, otherwise both have not been used.
Offer: Pair of quite faded pinkish curtai. (SW16) - 68 inches drop and 61 inches across. Quite faded, but otherwise good condition. You could dye them.
Offer: Uplighter light shade (SW16) - A few spots/marks on it, but it don’t show from a distance.
Offer: Charging Cable (SW16)
Offer: Philips Lumea (SW16) - Hardly been used, been in a cupboard, presume it works.
Offer: Rodent Spray (SW16) - To deter mice, etc
Offer: Nokia 3 phone case (SW16) - Used but ok condition.
Offer: 1 Uplighter light shade. (SW16) - There are a few tiny spots on them
Offer: 2 Uplighter light shades (SW16) - There are a few tiny spots on them, but you don’t see them from a distance.
Offer: Grohe mixer shower (SW16) - Code No. 26003003 New, but the instructions are missing, I don’t think nothing else is.
Offer: Large Packing Box (SW16) - Quite large packing box with some scrunched brown paper and a bit of bubble wrap.
Offer: Pill Organiser (SW16) - New
Offer: New mattress topper. (SW16) - It is quite thin and soft. Like this one: Offer: Single New Mattress Topper (SW16) - Lancashire bedding premium egg box from mattress topper single. Google it on amazon.
Offer: 5/6 Insulated Boxes (SW16) - Used once, clean.
Offer: Bubble Wrap (SW16) - Large bin bag of good size pieces of bubble wrap and two sort of packing bags.
Offer: New bath cushion (SW16) - A bath or shower chair cushion that you inflate with air and it has suckers on the bottom of it, and a slightly softer material on the sitting side.
Offer: Broken Computer adjustable lap tray (SW16) - One of the adjustable auto-locking joints is broken, but maybe you could glue it in a fixed position?
Offer: Kettle Tipper (SW16) - Used just a couple of times
Request: Empty Plastic Cleaning Containers. (SW16) - Bicarbonate of Soda, Small Washing Up Liquid and Fabric Softener empty bottles for art project, Streatham area only please. Offer: Triton 83308460 Thermostatic Cartri (SW16) - New Offer: Hand Wash and Hand Lotion (SW16) - Xmas present
Offer: Grohe Atrio Shower Mixer 1/2" (SW16) - New, in box Offer: Blonde Hair Dye (SW16) - New, L’Oreal 9.1