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Request: Pretty material (Aylesbury HP20) - Hi just wondering if anyone has some spare nice material that's no longer being used please? I'm going to be starting a sewing course so would be great if i could find some. Vintage/ retro style would be the great but any pretty will be considered:-) Request: Clothers Hangers (Aylesbury HP20) Received - Hi does anyone have some spare adult clothes hangers that they're not using please? Looking for around 10-20 ideally thanks Offer: Old partially working stereo (Aylesbury HP20) - Old stereo / boom box type . Radio and one cassette side works but the other side is broken , aerial a little bit bent and the CD plays very intermittently ( was much loved over the year's! ) . Not sure if someone can mend it hopefully.
Offer: Video player (Aylesbury HP20) Gifted - Does anyone want an old video player ? Works as far as I'm aware . Not used it for ages... Offer: Record player with speakers (Aylesbury HP20) Gifted - Old Sanyo record player with two speakers. I received this from another Freegle person a while back but realised it doesnt have a needle on the record player so won't play at the moment and haven't had the time to get someone to put one on . The lid has a crack on it which was also there when received. Cassette player integrated in the machine also.
Request: Timed cat feeder (Aylesbury HP20) Received - Hi just wondered if anyone has a working timed cat feeder they no longer need or use please ? Thank you! Request: Watering can (Aylesbury HP20) - Does anyone have a useable watering can that they don't need for my garden please? Request: Newspapers required (Aylesbury HP20) - Hi does anyone have some old newspapers hanging around please? I have a cat who isn't wanting to go outside so need them for her litter tray each day. Thanks Request: Electric lawnmower (Aylesbury HP20) Received - Hi Does anyone have a smallish electric lawnmower they don't use or need I can use please? I have a strimmer but it just doesn't seem to do a good and neat enough job. Thanks Request: Cat Carrier / Litter Tray (Aylesbury HP20) Received - Hello does anyone have a cat carrier and/or cat litter tray in good order spare please? Request: Weights 5-6kg (Aylesbury HP20) Received - Hello does anyone have a couple of spare hand weights either 5kg or 6kg that they no use please? I'm looking to try and get fitter ! Thanks Request: Old records (Aylesbury HP20) - Hi there I wonder does anyone have any old records sitting in their lofts they're not interested in playing? This isn't to sell it's for me to play and enjoy. In particular 1930-1950s but if you have some they may be considered. Thanks! Request: Sand paper (Aylesbury HP20) Received - Hello I'm looking to sand down a couple of small tables and wondered if anyone has some sand paper spare rather than buying it if it's possible. I'm around today if you do Thanks ! Request: Record player (Aylesbury HP20) Received - Hi there, wondered if anyone has a record player that they no longer use which is still working I would be interested if this is the case . Thanks:-) Request: Record player (Aylesbury, The Coppice Dev) Received - Hi there, Bit of a long shot I'm guessing but wondered if anyone has an old record player that they no longer use which needs some love. I would be interested if this is the case please love old vintage things way before the hype ! Thanks:-) Request: Commode (Aylesbury, The Coppice Dev) - Hi does anyone have a clean and in good condition commode which isn't needed please preferably either on wheels or able to be moved so lightish. Thanks Request: Commode chair plastic (Aylesbury) - Hello i wonder if anyone has a plastic commode chair either on wheels or not as my mum is going to have an operation soon and will need it when she comes home. Needs to be clean please. Thank you Request: Camera film (Buckingham) Received - Hi does anyone have a camera that they no longer use please ? SLR that uses a film would be my ideal as I'm trying to get back into my hobby of photography and do have a digital but I confess I still prefer to use films! It would be greatly appreciated and loved if so . Thanks! Request: Dressing table mirror (Aylesbury HP20) Received - Hello! Does anyone have a dressing table mirror that they no longer need please? Ideally wood would be fantastic thanks Request: Standing lamp (Aylesbury HP20) Received - Hello does anyone have a working standing lamp that they may not need anymore ? Ideally looking for beige or brown or pale colour ... Thanks! Request: Dressing table (Aylesbury HP20) Received - Hi there does anyone have a white or pale wood dressing table in good/average condition they no longer want it need please ? I will need one with a mirror if poss too . Can't be too big as I have a small car ! Thanks Offer: Stereo (Buckingham) Gifted - Hi i have an old stereo sort of ghetto blaster to give away . The CD player is on top and works intermittently not sure what the issue is . Radio and two cassettes however one of the cassette players is broken . The other is fine. Was a fab player when I used it might be good for someone to mend rather than going to the tip . Needs to go this week please Offer: Wii plus some games (Buckingham) Gifted - I have a wii with one controller and some games not sure if it's working as never used it was someone else's so getting rid of it . Note don't know if working or not working please be aware of this thanks Request: Cardboard boxes (Buckingham) Received - Hello if anyone has any medium / largish cardboard boxes in the Buckingham area I'd be greatful as I'm moving. Thanks Request: Cardboard boxes needed! (Buckingham) - Hey does anyone have cardboard boxes they can donate to me please as I am moving! Thanks Request: Cardboard boxes for moving (Buckingham) - Hi Wondering if anyone has some strong cardboard boxes spare for moving house please? Thanks! Offer: DVD player (Buckingham) Gifted - DVD player worked fine the last time it was used just replacing as i have one integrated in the t.v. now
Offer: DVD player (Buckingham) Gifted - DVD player worked fine the last time it was used just replacing as i have has a remote too one integrated in the t.v. now Offer: DVD player (Buckingham) Gifted - DVD player worked fine the last time it was used just replacing as i have one integrated in the t.v. now Offer: Exercise crosstrainer (Walters Ash) - This is something I got from a Freecycle person off here ages ago and no longer use. It is NOT electric you swing your legs back and forth yourself . Please note it's heavy so you will need a bigger vehicle like an estate car and you will need to be able to carry it yourself. Pick ups only early evening/ late afternoons