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Request: Microphone, globe, toy plane&boat (Magoun Square) Expired - ISO a microphone to use as a prop in my online classroom--broken or toy would work great! Also seeking a small globe, plane, and boat (the smaller the better for those last two). Offer: Large Couch (Magoun Square) Expired - A little old, but extremely comfortable--the used Honda Civic of couches. Easily sleeps one adult or seats 3-4. 84" long, 36" deep, 39" high. From a cat-friendly home. If anyone will take it (and you must transport it yourself), I will have cushion covers freshly cleaned beforehand--otherwise, it will be thrown out. It's a good couch and I'd hate to throw it away, but there's just not enough room for it in our apartment. Putting it out to trash on the 8th if I have no responses. Please contact via amielhevans@gmail.com (posting for roommate)
Photo of free Large Couch (Magoun Square)
Request: curtain rods, baby gate (Magoun Square) Expired - Seeking curtain rods (I need a total of 4 regular and one for a double doorway). Also seeking a baby gate for that double doorway for when my niece visits. Offer: 2 items for handy people & some folders (Magoun Square) Expired - 1. older, rattley BluAir Hepa Filter - was silent, has a bearing off or something, but I'm not handy at all. 400-something unit 2. clogged Amazon Basics shredder - takes 8 sheets, but hates me 3. A bunch of manila file folders and some basic green hanging folders Offer: Roxul insulation (Magoun Square) Gifted - Most of a bale of Roxul Safe 'n' Sound 3 in. x 15-1/4 in. x 47 in. Soundproofing Stone Wool Insulation - Only needed ~2.5 sheets for my project Offer: Broken Fancy Humdifier (Magoun Square) Gifted - Air o Swiss Boneco U700 fancy humdifier, motor is broken. Maybe you can fix it. Request: Foot rest (Magoun Square) Expired - Seeking foot rest for under desk Request: bed risers (Magoun Square) Expired - ISO bed risers