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Offer: razors, shave gel (Orlando:conway<gatlin>orange) Withdrawn - 20 disposable razors, 5 cans gel, all unused. I have to go back to electric razor; thin skin and blood meds make too risky mess.
Photo of free razors, shave gel (Orlando:conway<gatlin>orange)
Offer: compost bin (Orlando:conway<gatlin>orange) Gifted - appx 30" x 32". lawn clippings , ripped newspaper, kitchen scraps, and leaves dissolve into dirt-like humus. was distributed by City of Orlando? needs stakes/to secure base on sand.
Photo of free compost bin (Orlando:conway<gatlin>orange)
Offer: moving boxes (conway<gatlin>orange av) Withdrawn - flattened: 5 large, 3 medium, 2 small, 1 wardrobe, 1 tape dispenser and roll. Offer: home inside exercise equipment (conway<gatlin>orange av) Gifted - weighted power hoop, 3'dia. trampoline with arm steady bar, 3'dia. each tried twice, then avoided in home gym (garage).
Photo of free home inside exercise equipment (conway<gatlin>orange av)
Photo of free home inside exercise equipment (conway<gatlin>orange av)
Offer: scrap metal: garden, shop,more (conway<gatlin>orange av) Gifted - jumbles from out-sheds, closets. come now. 4510 katie lane, 32806
Photo of free scrap metal: garden, shop,more (conway<gatlin>orange av)
Offer: fry pots, boil baskets, acces (conway<gatlin>orange av) Gifted - first purchases for turkey fryer, shrimp boil, tamale pot (my first turkey fryer). no propane burners, but all have stood the heat. repost, more groups.
Photo of free fry pots, boil baskets, acces (conway<gatlin>orange av)
Offer: fry pots, boil baskets (conway<gatlin>orange av) Withdrawn - originally marketed as tamale pots, turkey fry, shellfish boil. aluminum, enamel, stainless steel. some with basket insert, vertical spit, other acces. all have withstood propane big burners.
Photo of free fry pots, boil baskets (conway<gatlin>orange av)
Offer: piano electronic (errata) (conway<gatlin>orange av) Gifted - yamaha clavinova cvp-10. large and heavy; two persons with good backs and steady legs to lift, SUV or pickup to transport. Offer: piano electronic (conway<gatlin>orange av) Gifted - yamaha clavinova cvp-10. many voices. its regular players have all left home.
Photo of free piano electronic (conway<gatlin>orange av)
Offer: cat6 data cable, acces (conway<gatlin>orange av) - cat6 CMX, 120', continuous. cat6 CMR, aprx 100', three remnants. junction box, keystone terminal. regards, Offer: tool shed flush tools (conway<gatlin>orange av) Gifted - I've had my fun with big boy tools, time to find strong hands for: Shop crane, 2ton. much use hoisting old stumps in new garden. Breaker hammer, electric, chisel and spade bits. Laser rotary level kit w' tripod. four spirit bubbles for true level. Winch w' mounting plate drop-on trailer hitch. leads power 12v auto battery. Conduit bender for 1/2", 3/4" metal electrical tubing. Now When job to be done, it's also to craigslist to find another person to make it so. I'm done. Offer: breaker hammer (conway<gatlin>orange av) Gifted - heavy! electric "jack hammer" cf HarborFreight description. I had my fun; your turn to crack slabs. both chisel and spade bits in hardcase. Offer: chain and wire rope various lengths (conway<gatlin>orange av) Gifted - from the heaviest longest grade 43 towing chain with clevis hooks (cf. HarborFreight) gradations wire rope down to 1/16", all with compatible thimbles and hooks. take all. Offer: supplies painting, dry wall (conway<gatlin>orange av) Gifted - paint brushes, rollers, mix buckets 1qt, 4g, 5. sanding screens, wallpaper brushes and spatulas, more mixed bits. take all. Offer: vacuum cleaner (orange av <gatlin> conway) - upright Kenmore Progressive (2009?). wide roller brush, all wands&atch ncl pet hair turbo tool. xtra bags and HEPA filter. everything works, but house-keeper doesn't like weight. Offer: lamp, magnifying (orange av <gatlin> conway) - swing-spring arm, clamp-on, circline daylight florescent bulb. all parts present, work. regards