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Request: Telescopic pole saw (Kidsburg) - In search of a telescopic pole saw/tree trimmer Request: Working Chain Saw (Kidsburg) - In search of working Chain saw. Electric, gas or battery operated. Request: Food Saver Sealing Machine (Kidsburg) - ISO: Food Saver Sealing Machine Request: Cotton Candy Machine (Kidsburg) - Looking for a cotton candy machine. Request: Cotton Candy Machine (Kidsburg) - Looking for a cotton candy machine anyone is no longer using. Request: Hotdog steamer (Kidsburg) Received - ISO: Usable hotdog steamer Request: Popcorn machine (Kidsburg) Received - ISO: Usable popcorn machine Request: Child's booster car seat (Kidsburg) Received - Child's booster car seat for 40+ pounds. Request: Bunk bed twin/full (Kidsburg) - ISO: Bunk bed twin/full - metal or wood frame Request: Ladder (Kidsburg) - ISO: 8ft or taller ladder in good condition Request: Murphy Bed (Kidsburg) Received - ISO: Murphy Bed or Murphy Chest Bed Request: Booster Car Seat (Kidsburg) - ISO: Booster car seat Request: Play house or Swing set (Kidsburg) - ISO: Play house or Swing set Request: Usable Fire pit (Kidsburg) - I'm in search of a usable Fire pit Request: Usable Fire pit (Kidsburg) - I'm search of usable Fire pit Request: Gas push mower (Kidsburg) - ISO: Working gas push mower Request: Patio Glider/Swing (Kidsburg) - Patio glider/Swing Request: Swing Set or Playhouse (Kidsburg) - ISO: Kids swing set or playhouse Request: Air Purifier (Kidsburg) - ISO: Working Air Purifier Request: Wrought iron patio chairs (Kidsburg) - Wrought iron patio chairs (2 or more) Request: Elliptical machine (Kidsburg) - ISO: A elliptical machine Request: Garden Tiller (Kidsburg) Received - In search of a garden tiller; manual, gas or electric.