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Offers  and  Requests
Request: Lego (East Waterloo) - Basic lego bricks would be greatly appreciated for my grandson. Thanks! Offer: Red Outer Pots (East Waterloo) - 2 red (Christmas?) metal pots to go outside plant already in pot (they have no drainage holes) or to use as containers for something else. 7" across the top and 7 1/2" tall.
Photo of free Red Outer Pots (East Waterloo)
Offer: Stamps (East Waterloo) Gifted - Used postage stamps, mostly Canadian but some other countries too. Request: Sunbeam Mixmaster Beaters (East Waterloo) Expired - If you have an old (early 1980's) Sunbeam stand Mixmaster that no longer works or that you no longer need, and the beaters are still in decent shape, I would love to have them, thanks! Service number MMA or compatible if possible. The service number can be found where the beaters fit in. Offer: Double Mattress and Boxspring (East Waterloo) Gifted - Sealy double mattress and boxspring. Very clean, has slight dip but otherwise good shape. Would have to take out and move yourself. Offer: Crock pot (East Waterloo) Gifted - Crock pot no longer works (maybe you are handy?) but liner and glass lid are good. Liner goes 6" deep into the pot, is 9" wide at the bottom, and flairs out to the top. Lid is 10" wide.
Photo of free Crock pot (East Waterloo)
Offer: Textbooks (East Waterloo) Gifted - Two old textbooks: One is Standard Mathematical Tables (CRC Press), 22nd Edition, and the other is a University of Waterloo first year Calculus textbook, Calculus and Analytic Geometry, second edition by Tierney. Offer: Basket (East Waterloo) Gifted - Wicker basket about 8 inches square, as in picture but without plant. FLb4
Photo of free Basket (East Waterloo)
Offer: Basket (East Waterloo) Expired - Wicker basket about 8 inches square, as in picture but without plant.
Photo of free Basket (East Waterloo)
Offer: Large Jars (East Waterloo) Gifted - I have 7 large jars, about 3-4 cup size, to give away. Several take Bernardin lids. Offer: Oregano (East Waterloo) Gifted - Oregano to dry or part of plant if you wish Offer: Plant or Memory Box (East Waterloo) Gifted - Plastic lined box can be used for a planter or for keepsakes. As in picture but minus plants.
Photo of free Plant or Memory Box (East Waterloo)
Offer: Large Jars (East Waterloo) Gifted - I have 9 large jars, about 4 cup size, to give away. Several take Bernardin lids. Offer: Mason jars (East Waterloo) Gifted - I have eight one Litre size mason jars to give away. They take a Bernardin regular-sized lid, but there are no lids to go with them. Offer: Basket (East Waterloo) Expired - Wicker basket about 8 inches square, as in picture but without plant. Offer: Plastic containers (East Waterloo) Gifted - For small items... I was gifted this with buttons, but the containers could be used to organize other craft items, pins, nails, screws, seeds, etc.
Photo of free Plastic containers (East Waterloo)
Offer: Large Box (East Waterloo) Gifted - Suitable for child's playhouse, etc. Offer: Boxes (East Waterloo) Gifted - 4 sturdy boxes, good for moving and one huge box that a child's wagon came in. Offer: Sage (East Waterloo) Gifted - I have lots of extra stems to be dried (or used fresh now) Offer: Oregano (East Waterloo) Gifted - You are welcome to part of the plant with roots or just sprigs to be dried. Offer: Hosta (East Waterloo) Expired - I have two plants that need to be divided. Both have fairly small leaves, one medium green, one a little more bluish green in colour. Please bring your own container. Request: Buttons (East Waterloo) Received - Many colourful buttons needed for a craft project. Thanks! Request: Hosta (East Waterloo) Received - If you have a large, ruffled leaved hosta (leaves almost the size of a hand) that you are dividing, I would love a clump. Thanks! Offer: Periwinkle plant (East Waterloo) Gifted - Large clump to give away. Request: Steamer (East Waterloo) Expired - Would appreciate a steamer that fits into a pot if anyone has one they no longer need/want. Thanks! Offer: Chives plant (East Waterloo) Gifted - My plant has spread a bit so I have some to offer. Offer: Peony root (East Waterloo) Gifted - Not sure if it's white or pink. Offer: Shower Pole (East Waterloo) Expired - Old shower curtain - could be used for pole beans or the like. Offer: Desk Chair (East Waterloo) Gifted - Black desk chair. Vinyl on seat is a little crinkled but not broken. Offer: Drawer Slide (East Waterloo) Gifted - 2 European bottom/side mount drawer slides plus hardware and instructions. 75 pound capacity. White.