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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Halogen Bulb (Sterling - Cascades) - 300W double-ended halogen bulb, commonly used in security lighting, floor lamp, work lights, etc.
Photo of free Halogen Bulb (Sterling - Cascades)
Offer: Saucepans (Sterling - Cascades) Gifted - 1 - aluminum saucepan 2 - non-stick saucepans (1 lid fits both) 1 - non-stick wok pan
Photo of free Saucepans (Sterling - Cascades)
Offer: Non-breakable Dishware (Sterling - Cascades) - Camping silverware, melamine and plastic/Tupperware cups, bowls, dishes. Good for outdoor or kids camp use.
Photo of free Non-breakable Dishware (Sterling - Cascades)
Offer: Travel Mugs and Water Bottles (Sterling - Cascades) Gifted - Stainless steel and plastic insulated travel mugs, aluminum and plastic water bottles, take some or all.
Photo of free Travel Mugs and Water Bottles (Sterling - Cascades)
Offer: Party Decorations (Sterling - Cascades) Gifted - Inflatable parrot and crate paper pineapple party decorations.
Photo of free Party Decorations (Sterling - Cascades)
Offer: 2 Quart Pitchers (Sterling - Cascades) - Two, 2 quart plastic pitchers and three plastic glasses (2 translucent hard plastic, 1 Tupperware-like).
Photo of free 2 Quart Pitchers (Sterling - Cascades)
Offer: Hanging Shoe Rack and Storage Thing (Sterling - Cascades) Withdrawn - Black fabric over-the-door shoe storage rack with 24 pockets. Blue fabric mesh hanging storage with 6 large compartments. Take your pick, or both.
Photo of free Hanging Shoe Rack and Storage Thing (Sterling - Cascades)
Offer: Shower Curtain and Rings (Sterling - Cascades) Gifted - Beige fabric shower curtain (no liner), includes clear plastic curtain rings.
Photo of free Shower Curtain and Rings (Sterling - Cascades)
Offer: Curtain Sheers (Sterling - Cascades) Gifted - 2 JCPenney off-white curtain sheers.
Photo of free Curtain Sheers (Sterling - Cascades)
Offer: Curtain Valences (Sterling - Cascades) - 6 Waverly balloon valence panels. Can be used flat or stuffed for a fuller "balloon" effect.
Photo of free Curtain Valences (Sterling - Cascades)
Offer: Curtains (Sterling - Cascades) Gifted - Two curtain panels. One green room darkening/blackout curtain from Target. One dark blue & while patterned curtain from Better Homes and Gardens.
Photo of free Curtains (Sterling - Cascades)
Offer: Hard Drive Enclosure (Sterling - Cascades) Gifted - 3.5" External HDD (hard disk drive) enclosure. New in box, never used.
Photo of free Hard Drive Enclosure (Sterling - Cascades)
Offer: Puzzle (Sterling - Cascades) Gifted - 1000 piece (39" x 15") deer themed jigsaw puzzle.
Photo of free Puzzle (Sterling - Cascades)
Offer: Comforter and Backrest (Sterling - Cascades) Withdrawn - Polka dot patterned comforter and pillowcase for twin bed, and teal color coordinated backrest.
Photo of free Comforter and Backrest (Sterling - Cascades)
Offer: Tea Kettle (Sterling - Cascades) Gifted - Presto electric tea/hot water pot.
Photo of free Tea Kettle (Sterling - Cascades)
Offer: Egg Poacher (Sterling - Cascades) - Microwave egg poacher for two eggs.
Photo of free Egg Poacher (Sterling - Cascades)
Offer: Spice Rack (Sterling - Cascades) Gifted - Rotating spice rack with 16 glass storage jars.
Photo of free Spice Rack (Sterling - Cascades)
Offer: Oven Mitts and Cookbooks (Sterling - Cascades) Gifted - Most items are new or like new.
Photo of free Oven Mitts and Cookbooks (Sterling - Cascades)
Offer: Candy Thermometer (Sterling - Cascades) Gifted - Digital candy thermometer. Haven't used in a while so might need a new battery.
Photo of free Candy Thermometer (Sterling - Cascades)
Offer: Lamps (Sterling - Cascades) Gifted - Two small nightstand or dresser lamps, one cat themed and the other dog themed. Great for kids' room!
Photo of free Lamps (Sterling - Cascades)
Offer: Coffee Pot (Sterling - Cascades) Gifted - Cuisinart® 4-Cup Coffee Maker with Stainless Steel Carafe in Black.
Photo of free Coffee Pot (Sterling - Cascades)
Offer: Ice Tea Maker (Sterling - Cascades) Gifted - Mr. Coffee Ice Tea maker. Works good.
Photo of free Ice Tea Maker (Sterling - Cascades)
Offer: Knife Block (Sterling - Cascades) Gifted - Wooden knife block, holds 10 knives.
Photo of free Knife Block (Sterling - Cascades)
Offer: VCR and Video Tape Rewinder (Sterling - Cascades) Expired - Tape rewinder in known good, the VCR condition is unknown. Offer: Christmas Figurines (Sterling - Cascades) Expired - All are porcelain figurines and come with Styrofoam storage block to protect from breakage.
Photo of free Christmas Figurines (Sterling - Cascades)
Offer: Hand Blender (Sterling - Cascades) Withdrawn - Koios hand blender, only works on one speed...turbo! Offer: Nativity Set (Sterling - Cascades) Gifted - Porcelain, color, like new, w/wooden display board.
Photo of free Nativity Set (Sterling - Cascades)