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Request: Red Christmas lights (Somerville, winter hill) - Any length. Just lookin to do up the old room. I’ve got some white lights if you wanna trade Request: Floor lamp (tall lamp) (Somerville, winter hill) Received - Hiya just seeing if anyone has a lamp you would put on the floor, like a floor lamp haha. Something tallish. Will Pick up any day Offer: Monitor and mouse (Somerville, winter hill) Gifted - Black and silver haha. They work
Offer: Earth Shoes 7.5 Women’s (Somerville, winter hill) Gifted - These are the shoes with the heal lower than the toe. They mimic our evolutionary history of standing in mud and other soft stuff and are supposed to give you better posture - like not stick your butt out so much. 7.5B Black leather
Offer: Arrow heads - for practice (Somerville, winter hill) - I believe they’re supposed to go on like wooden arrow shafts. 7mm diameter
Offer: Curl remover (Somerville, winter hill) Gifted - Bought it but no longer want to use it. The gal at sally beauty said this one was good for color treated hair and works well.
Offer: Tape recorder-regular tapes (Somerville, winter hill) Gifted - This is for regular sized tapes. Small Panasonic tape recorder and player. Good for any interviewing.
Offer: Tape Recorder - regular tapes (Somerville, winter hill) Gifted - This is for regular sized tapes. A small recorder. Works. Request: Bike so I can get to work (Somerville, winter hill) Received - I’m Paying way too much in parking. Any ol bike will do, even if it’s got an issue or two, I’d probably be able to fix it up a bit. Thank you for your consideration! Request: Yoga blocks (Somerville, winter hill) - 2 would be sweet. Any material Request: Wooden box (Somerville, winter hill) Received - Like an old wine box or something about that size. 1’x1’ ish. No lid needed. I’m making a diorama Offer: Eat gauges/ plugs (Somerville, winter hill) Gifted - Multiple styles. I shrunk my ears and can’t fit them anymore. Lots of 3/4 inch. A couple pairs of 9/16ths and a couple pairs 1/2 inch. Take it all hopefully and have a blast. All cleaned with alcohol and I’m a pretty clean girl anyhow.
Offer: Softy chair pillows (Somerville, winter hill) Gifted - 4 brown chair pillows with ties. Fresh and stain free. Very soft. Good for outside Request: Chair pillows (Somerville, winter hill) Received - 4 Very soft Chair pillows with the little ties. Seem quite fresh and clean. I think they would be ok outside do to the kind of stuffing they have
Request: Power cord looks like: (Somerville, winter hill) Received - We found a tv but needs this cord
Offer: Xtra plywood (Somerville, winter hill) Gifted - Not actually sure what this stuff is called but it’s hella sturdy. 5/8” thick.
Offer: Hand held cassette recorder (Somerville, winter hill) Gifted - Works. Takes regular cassettes, not mini.
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Offer: Hand held cassette recorder (Somerville, winter hill) Gifted - Works
Offer: Insanity Workout DVDs (Somerville, winter hill) Gifted - Insanity DVDs. I haven’t used in a while but I believe this is the 60 day Insanity. Comes with calendar and nutrition info. Burned DVDs, work great. Offer: Microscope, hair dye (Somerville, winter hill) Gifted - UPDATED 03/05: Taken: Microscope Youth microscope with slides and specimen vials. Unopened hair dye in various colors (see photos)
Offer: Perfect Queen Mattress (Middleborough) Gifted - Bought this Hampton & Rhodes queen mattress from Mattress Firm 2 years ago. I’m moving and not taking with. It is perfectly clean - I always use a mattress pad, non smoker, no stains, no pets. Comes with a box spring.
Offer: Sharp TV (Middleborough) Gifted - Sharp tv. Probably a 22” screen
Offer: Window Blinds - Hunty D’s (Middleborough) Gifted - Hunter Douglas Wooden Blinds in cream. I have three at 37" wide. Two inch wide slats and ribbon detail to hide strings. Like new.
Offer: Window Blinds (Middleborough) Gifted - Hunter Douglas Wooden Blinds in cream. All are 37" wide. Two inch wide slats and ribbon detail to hide strings. Like new.
Request: Humidifier (Middleborough) Received - Any working humidifier would be sweet Offer: Speakers and Receiver (Middleborough) Gifted - Technics receiver - working. Two small Boston Acoustic speakers (one is crackily). One Boston Acoustic subwoofer. Very quiet but maybe one of y’all is a speaker smarty and wants to noodle around with it. All wires and antenna included.
Request: Stereo speakers (Middleborough) Received - Just looking for a couple of the regular old school kind that take that exposed double wire situation. Not computer speakers. Thank you kind people! Offer: Hunter Douglass Pirouetts (Middleborough) Gifted - Three Hunter Douglass Pirouett shades. Continuous loop operation. All wall-mount hardware included and still in bag. Sizes: Two at 37.5" width by 61" length (One of which has light scuffing on top piece - see photo. You would not see this if planning on using a valance) One at 51" x 61" (Light scuffing and paint dot on top - see photo. Same deal.) These shades go for thousands of dollars new. Can be mounted inside or outside window casing.
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Offer: Table Lamp. Working. (Middleborough) Gifted - Working lamp. Base is about a foot and a half tall. No shade. Grey blue with spatter pattern. No chips or cracks.
Offer: Women’s bike (Middleborough) Gifted - A little rusty but it worked last time I checked.