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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: 1994 Alpen Light Festival Poster (Sun Valley) - Large poster from the 1994 Alpen Light Festival. This is the same one: / Porch pickup any time! Offer: Winter themed wrapping paper (Sun Valley) - It has a blue background with a mama, papa and kid snowpeople family on it. There isn't much left, maybe enough for one or two presents, or can be used for crafts or art projects! Has a cardboard tube that would be great for arts & crafts too! Porch pickup available any time! Offer: Cloth Anime posters (Sun Valley) - --Dragonball Z with Super Saiyan Trunks in Capsule Corp Logo --Dragonball Z with Frieza, Goku, Gohan, Piccolo, Tien, Krillin, Chiaotzu, Master Roshi, and Yamcha --Kingdom Hearts 1 with Riku, Sora and Kairi --Weiss Kreuz (late '90s anime) with Aya, Omi, Ken and Youji on it. All of these anime and characters are Google searchable. These would make great gifts for anime fans, especially those who enjoy 'old school' anime. Can take 1 or all. Porch Pickup any time! Offer: Bag of various foods (Sun Valley) - It is canned and boxed foods, mostly are expired I think. If you're ok with that we can do porch pickup any time. Most of the foods have chili powder/pepper in it and I'm allergic. Here's some of it: Jambala box mix Marinated Artichokes Sealed bottle of chili powder Vindaloo Masala Sweet potato soup Chili paste Taboule mix wheat salad Tortilla soup Tandoori marinade Gluten free corn bread mix pasta mixes soups Offer: Bag full of Anime Expo 2006 swag (Sun Valley) - Swag from Anime Expo 2006. Includes the Expo 2006 Animerica magazine, the very first issue of Shoujo Beat magazine, restaurant and program guides, postcards, preview manga, stationary, art cards, bookmarks, and lots more! Porch pickup any time! Offer: Drapery Hardware [NoHo/Sun Valley] (Sun Valley) - Extends 84 to156 inches. Box says: Projects 2.5 in to 4 inches, mounts on walls or ceiling, carries 42 galvanized steel rods. Has strong girder shape rubber face. Special baked on enamel finishing process helps resist rusting, peeling, chipping. Coated track edges resist friction fiber glas® core cord, glass core cord. Needs to go asap because we are moving!
Offer: Wooden shelves (Sun Valley) Gifted - Light colored wood, stands about 5ft 10in tall, 2ft wide. Adjustable height shelves. It's a bit wobbly and needs a bit of support, but otherwise is in great condition. Offer: Bag of food (Sun Valley) - It has random items: spices, pastas, jams, jellies, rice, beans, soups. Some are expired, but still edible. We are moving so please pick up ASAP. Porch pickup any time. Offer: Large 4wheel utlility cart (Broken) (Sun Valley) Gifted - Large size, blue, one wheel is broken off. Porch Pickup any time!