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Offers  and  Requests
Request: 4-5 girls clothes (OX1 henwood) - Does anyone have any 4-5 girls clothes they no longer need? Can collect from most places Many thanks Offer: Two cupboards (OX1 henwood) - Two cupboards Well used, need a paint- Good upcycling project.
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Offer: Ikea reversible bed (OX1 henwood) - Ikea reversible kura bed. The panels along the side are blue not white as in the photo. There is one slat missing but we used it fine without by making sure it was the one at the end that was missing. No mattress. It may be possible to get a new slat from Ikea Used condition collection asap
Offer: Kids wildlife magazines (OX1 henwood) - 4 kids wildlife Magazines from wildlife trust
Offer: Geox boots size 25 (7.5) (OX1 henwood) - Blue girls Geox boots Worn but plenty of life in them
Offer: Size 6 kids welly’s (OX1 henwood) - Size 6 welly’s, worn but plenty of life in them
Offer: Buggy (OX1 henwood) - Well used buggy, it’s lost the foot bar but still works fine
Offer: Pregnancy and birth book (OX1 henwood)
Offer: Girls 7.5 Geox shoes (OX1 henwood) - Girls boots size 7.5 geox
Offer: 2-3 year old clothes (OX1 henwood) - Small bag of 2-3 boys clothes. Shorts, t shirts, jumper and some pj trousers Offer: Kitchen items (OX1 henwood) - Jug, Tongs, bottle opener, knives forks spoons. For collection from ox1 5ju
Offer: Large slabs (OX1 henwood) Gifted - 6 garden slabs , square I think they are 60x60cm
Offer: Argos unit (OX1 henwood) Gifted - Black Argos cube unit. This is smaller that the ikea ones. There is some slight damage but very functional
Offer: Child’s reins (OX1 henwood) Gifted - Mothercare reins for atoddler. Unused
Offer: Small Wooden drawers (OX1 henwood) Gifted - Small wooden drawers in need of some tlc, the back board is loose and two of the Handles have fallen off, I have one but the other is lost.
Offer: 10 paving slabs (OX1 henwood) Gifted - 10 paving sslabs, square 60 x 60cm Offer: Curtain rings (OX1 henwood) - Unopened packed of curtain rings
Request: Girls shorts 3-4 or 4-5 (OX1 henwood) - Hi does anyone have any girls shorts that they no longer need. Many thanks Offer: Child’s bed/ small bed (OX1 henwood) - Children’s bed, 187cm long by 82cm wide. This is a smaller size bed but not as small as a toddler bed. Ideal for small bedrooms. I can lie in it comfortably (5ft 4) so will last a child many years. It has two yellow underbed drawers on wheels. The head board is red and foot end is yellow includes mattress
Offer: Lemon balm plants (OX1 henwood) - I’ve just split a lemon balm plants. I don’t have any compost to repot the the half I don’t need so I anyone wants to collect it your welcome Request: Tarpaulin, rope, torch (OX1 henwood) - I’m trying to make a den building kit for my son if anyone has any tarpaulin, ropes, torch, or anything else that might be suitable Offer: 5 towels (OX1 henwood) - 5 towels
Offer: Pillow cases (OX1 henwood) - Selection on pillow cases 10 In total
Offer: Duvet covers (OX1 henwood) - I have various old bedding to give away. Also a mattress protector which may be more suitable for animal bedding. Two old Pillows again probably For animal bedding Offer: Boss guitar pedal board- (OX1 henwood) - This is not currently working but someone may be able to repair it....
Request: Corrugated plastic sheets (OX1 henwood) - If any one has any sheets of corrugated plastic I’d be grateful Can collect. Offer: Flexa single bed (OX1 henwood) - Single flexa bed also have side rails if you want to use it as part of a bunk bed (you can join two flexa beds to make a bunk). If you look on the flexa bed website you can see the different bits you can get it change into a mid sleeper Or bunk etc
Offer: Slow cooker (OX1 henwood) - Large slow cooker, works really well. Only giving away due to having a multi use pressure cooker so no longer needed. Slight external dent on one end but this doesn’t affect function
Offer: Seat for micro scooter (OX1 henwood) - Well used but perfectly functional. Just slots in where the handle would be Offer: Wooden door bar (OX1 henwood) - Wooden door bar, unused. Fits over floor of different heights