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Offer: Box full of womens shoes. (Frobisher Ct.) - Mostly flats. Mostly sizes 5-7. Many colors and variations. Offer: Rear facing infant car seat (Frobisher Ct.) - Red and black. Only used a handful of times in stroller (not included) and once in a car. Bought under a year ago brand new. Offer: Box of vhs movies. (Frobisher Ct.) - Some classics! We have triples of some.Mostly kids movies Offer: Box of vhs movies. (Frobisher Ct.) - Some classics! We have triples of some. Request: Bedroom furniture, washer and dryer (Frobisher Ct.) - Hi there. My daughter is in need of a bed and other bedroom furniture. She's 11and currently is sharing a room with her grandmother until I can get her room set up. Also, my washing machine just died on me and my dryers on its way out.. Anything will be greatfully taken and out to good use. Offer: Boys winter jackets (Frobisher Ct.) - Have 18mo size winter jackets and some girls winter gear sizes 3t+ Offer: Boys winter jackets (Frobisher Ct & Northview Heights Dr) - Have 18mo size winter jackets and some girls winter gear sizes 3t+ Request: 30"x82" heavy door (Frobisher Ct & Northview Heights Dr) - Color doesnt matter, but its for my basement/back door. The door frame entirely needs to be replaced but dont have the money until spring to fix it i would just like to have a solid door to keep some of the heat in during the winter. The window broke from the pressure of the wood swelling in the summer. Offer: Mens dress pants, shirt and ja (Frobisher Ct & Northview Heights Dr) - There's two suit like jackets. Brown and tanish color? Around ten pairs of pants I think. Two shirts. A bunch of ties. All sized 38-40wx30L. Also have women's dress clothes similar to the men's but with skirts and pink lol
Offer: Newborn size girls (Frobisher Ct & Northview Heights Dr) - Socks bibs hats shoes. Offer: Winter jackets. (Frobisher Ct & Northview Heights Dr) - Mens and womens jackets all sorts of sizes styles and materials. E-mail if you would like to come check them out. Offer: Sizes 5-7 BOYS CLOTHES (Frobisher Ct & Northview Heights Dr) Gifted - Thats only a portion of what we have to offer. Will be on porch with sign "5-7 BOYS" will post when taken. 16 frobisher court.
Offer: Size 10/12-14/16 boys clothes (Frobisher Ct & Northview Heights Dr) Gifted - Tons of t-shirts and jeans. Will be on porch with sign "10-16 BOYS" will post when taken.
Offer: Blue paw patrol potty (Frobisher Ct & Northview Heights Dr) Gifted - Only ever been sat on twice and sat around in the bathroom regularly wiped down. Request: Bed frames (Frobisher Ct & Northview Heights Dr) - Queen and double Bed frames. My moms and mine have broken and been repaired a few times and hers especially is badly needing to be replaced.. I'm young i can handle my mattress on the floor until I can find one. She on the other hand would have hard time getting up that low.. Request: Working dryer (Frobisher Ct & Northview Heights Dr) - Mine died at the beginning of summer but now that cool weathers approaching i am no longer able to hang my families clothing to dry. (i have three kids aged 2,10,11- myself my partner and my parents laundry . i do so you can imagine how i much i need this dryer lol. Offer: Mens jeans (Frobisher Ct & Northview Heights Dr) Gifted - Good condition jeans sizes 36-32 . 34-32 Request: Clocks!! (Frobisher Ct & Northview Heights Dr) - I am looking for clocks that work .prefferably that use a single aa battery to make my own clocks. (example: vinyl records made into clock) Offer: men's shoes. (Frobisher Ct & Northview Heights Dr) - Green and grey Nike ? I think. Size 11. Offer: Clothing (Frobisher Ct & Northview Heights Dr) - I have a small pull ups box with boys 0-24 MO clothing and women's s-m clothing in it. I have a bigger box with women's clothing same size. Offer: Bissell vacuum. (Frobisher Ct & Northview Heights Dr) - It works but has had a few makeshift repairs on the hose and filter. Cyclone red bagless. Request: Deck wrecker (Frobisher Ct & Northview Heights Dr) - I'm looking to borrow a deck wrecker, or if you no longer need it I would love to put it to good use! Thank you for your time Request: Carbon monoxide detector (Frobisher Ct & Northview Heights Dr) - I do not have one and cannot afford one, my landlord should have provided them but thats just one of many things my landlord has neglected. If anyone has one they could part with, i would be able to pick it up. Thank you so much for your time and your kindness!!!!! Request: Toddler necessities! (Frobisher Ct & Northview Heights Dr) - Im just wondering if theres anyone that has baby gates, toys, a toddler bed that they can part with and maybe some advice on how to keep a 18 mo entertained without me being the sole source of entertainment so that i can cook dinner without him on my hip lol Request: Hangers for clothing and.. (Frobisher Ct & Northview Heights Dr) - Im in need of clothing/coat hangers, mittens/gloves/hats doesnt matter size or color as long as they match, (we have two boys 18mo and 10 yro as well as a ten year oldgirl) . Offer: Binders (Frobisher Ct & Northview Heights Dr) - I have a few binders laying around. Condition, type and style vary. Request: Office chairs (Frobisher Ct & Northview Heights Dr) - Iso two office chairs! Tia Request: Dryer (Frobisher Ct & Northview Heights Dr) - I'm in desperate need of a working dryer, or if anyone has the same one as me that has the heat element working that's all my dryer needs!!! I would be forever grateful as I have 9&10 yr olds and a 17mo old and air drying our clothing is not working out. Thank you in advance! Request: doggy muzzles! help!! (Frobisher Ct & Northview Heights Dr) - Hi there! I I am in need of three german sheppard size dog muzzles. Its so important because I cannot walk them without, they are rescued and were guard dogs that have a history of being escape artists, then while running at large they bite. One of them is on deathwatch, please if you have any muzzles/collars/dog accessories they would be put to good use ! Request: 18-24 mo size boys and toys (Frobisher Ct & Northview Heights Dr) - Im looking for some clothing, shoes and toys for a just turnned 1 last week boy. Hes wearing 18 mo and bigger, he really needs socks. He hasnt got too on many toys or books either.. thanks in advance!