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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Clock (Hannover & Ballenger) - Stage coach clock, works
Offer: George Forman (Hannover & Ballenger) - White 2 burger George Forman
Offer: Misc kitchen (Hannover & Ballenger) - Assorted kitchen items
Offer: Lazy Susan (Hannover & Ballenger) Withdrawn - Silver/glass
Offer: Glasses & assorted cups (Hannover & Ballenger) - Small & large glasses
Offer: Crock pot (Hannover & Ballenger) - 6 qt crock pot
Request: Kitten/cat tree (Hannover & Ballenger) Request: Boxes (Hannover & Ballenger) - Moving boxes any size Offer: Bags (Hannover & Ballenger) Withdrawn - Assorted bags
Request: Bulbs (Hannover & Ballenger) - Asking for any kind of flower bulbs Request: Flower bulbs (Hannover & Ballenger) - Any kind of flower bulbs. When you clean your flower beds don’t forget I’ll take what you don’t want. Offer: Cork holding chickens (Hannover & Ballenger) Gifted - 2 chickens to put corks in
Request: Old windows (Hannover & Ballenger) - Any size Offer: Book case (Hannover & Ballenger) Gifted - Brown bookcase about 36” X 16” with 2 glass doors that flip up
Offer: Tree stand (Hannover & Ballenger) - Dark green stand for artificial Christmas tree Offer: Exercise chair (Hannover & Ballenger) Gifted - Blue exercise chair, hardly used
Offer: Exercise chair (Hannover & Ballenger) Gifted - Blue, great condition exercise chair Offer: Bedspread (Hannover & Ballenger) Gifted - King size tan/brown with blue bedspread
Offer: Wine glasses (Hannover & Ballenger) Gifted - 6 long stem wine glasses, 3 other glasses & 4 red cups
Offer: Two Artificial trees (Hannover & Ballenger) Gifted - 5’ & 8’ green artificial trees, both together in red tree bag. Tree stands for both, all parts Included.
Offer: Silverware (Hannover & Ballenger) Gifted - Assorted silverware with small tray, sugar and creamer. Needs cleaned.
Offer: Chair (Hannover & Ballenger) Gifted - Nice grey chair with wheels on each leg
Offer: Food Processor (Hannover & Ballenger) Gifted - White Hamilton Beach food processor, it works
Offer: Pictures (Hannover & Ballenger) - 2 black frame pictures of wine. 25”X24”
Offer: Pictures (Hannover & Ballenger) - Two 25”X24” pictures with black frames of wine, very nice
Offer: Pro chopper (Hannover & Ballenger) - White 9-in - 1 FUNCTION PRO CHOPPER
Offer: Pictures (Hannover & Ballenger) - 2 black frame pictures of wine. 25”X24”
Offer: Purses (Hannover & Ballenger) Withdrawn - Assorted sizes of nice purses Request: Armoire (Hannover & Ballenger) Withdrawn - Any color, good condition Request: Queen size bed frames (Hannover & Ballenger) Received - Any color