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Free: Packets of craft molding plaster (Naperville) - Packets of colored craft molding plaster
Photo of free Packets of craft molding plaster (Naperville)
Request: Plastic sheet, color black (Naperville) Received - Looking for a ridged sheet of black colored plastic, approx. 20" x 20" If you have a piece to spare, please let me know, thanks! Request: Styrofoam boards/sheet (Naperville) Received - I'm in need of Styrofoam boards/sheet approx.: 3' long x any wide x 1/2" to 1" thick If you have, such drop me line. Request: Bicycle pump (Naperville) Withdrawn - Looking for a working Bicycle hand pump. Request: Fog producing machine (Naperville) Received - Looking for an unwanted Halloween fog machine. Request: Wood (Naperville) Received - Looking for a section of plastic/vinyl/composite wood. If you have a piece to spare let me know, thanks! Ideally, I would like a solid piece approx. 2ft in diameter and about 3/4 to 1 inch thick. If not one piece then like pieces I could either connect or glue together. Free: Phillips Boombox (Naperville) Expired - CD player works.
Photo of free Phillips Boombox (Naperville)
Request: piece of neoprene rubber (Naperville) Expired - In need of a 1 to 2 sq ft of neoprene rubber, If you have some to spare, please let me know. Looking for rubber material to cushion a watercraft seat, something with approx 1/4" thickness. Free: Kids hangers (Naperville) Gifted - Giving away white color kids hangers
Photo of free Kids hangers (Naperville)
Request: Zippered lifejacket/vest (Naperville) Received - Looking for an unwanted zippered adult size life jacket/vest. Thank you. Request: Decorative Vase (Naperville) Received - Looking for an unwanted decorative vase to hold dry flowers. Approx. desired size: 20" tall with a 4-6" opening. Any style and/or color is fine. Thanks. Free: Older remote controls (Naperville) Gifted - Many different tv,vhs,dvd remotes
Photo of free Older remote controls (Naperville)
Free: Curb Alert (Naperville) Gifted - South-West corner of Leverenz and Skylane Dr. Stack of VHS/DVD recorder/players
Photo of free Curb Alert (Naperville)
Request: Carpet runners (Naperville) Received - In need of any kind of carpet runners, the one with points on the underside to hold them in place. Request: vacuum tube tester (Naperville) Received - WANTED: vacuum tube tester Anyone have a vintage vacuum tube tester they no longer use or need? Please let me know, thanks. Free: LG 60" Flat screen TV (Naperville) Gifted - Worked at one time, now only sound works. Perhaps if you're handy you can fix. Comes with tv stand and tv remote control. Model: 60LN5600
Photo of free LG 60" Flat screen TV (Naperville)
Photo of free LG 60" Flat screen TV (Naperville)
Free: TV/VCR player (Naperville) Gifted - VideoTronics combination tv and vcr. Recently after months or non-use, the vcr's tape gets caught up in the take up mechanism. If you are handy perhaps you can fix this issue.
Photo of free TV/VCR player (Naperville)
Free: Parts bin organizers (Naperville) Gifted - Giving away used parts bin organizers.
Photo of free Parts bin organizers (Naperville)
Free: Jar of misc. hardware (Naperville) Gifted - misc. nails, screws, bolts, nuts, etc.
Photo of free Jar of misc. hardware (Naperville)
Request: Empty cheese ball container and lid (Naperville) Expired - Anyone just finish one of these cheese ball containers? I could use an empty one. 35oz Thank You
Photo of Empty cheese ball container and lid (Naperville)
Request: Cocktail shaker (Naperville) Received - Looking for a metal cocktail shaker. Request: Cocktail shaker (Naperville) Received - Looking for a cocktail shaker. Request: Men's life preserver (Naperville) Received - Looking for an adult male life preserver. If you have one your no longer using, please contact me. Request: Large cheese balls container (Naperville) Expired - Anyone have one of these ? If you about to recycle one of those large cheese ball containers, I'm in need of one, thanks.
Photo of Large cheese balls container (Naperville)
Request: 65" hdtv (Naperville) Expired - If you have one, please let me know. Thanks Free: TV cabinet (Naperville) Expired - Solid Oak TV cabinet. Comes with optional glass doors, and storage drawer. Size: 54" wide, 46" tall, 20" deep Heavy unit, requires shoulder straps to carry out from basement. If interested, send me your mobile number and I'll text my address to you.
Photo of free TV cabinet (Naperville)
Request: Large cardboard sheet (Naperville) Expired - Looking for a large piece of cardboard on the order 6' x 5' A large flat 65" to 75" TV screen box would be ideal. Request: Kayak (Naperville) Expired - Looking for a Kayak. Request: Kayak (Naperville) Expired - Looking for a Kayak in any conditon. Request: one-cup French press (Naperville) Expired - Anyone have a one-cup French press they no longer want? Thanks.