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Offer: Blender (NW10) Gifted - Hi Freeglers Don't be impressed by the picture. The blender has been taped up due to a crack, but is fully functioning and does not leak. If interested please reply with your contact number. Collection in NW10 off Neasden Lane north Thanks for watching
Offer: Shopping trolley (NW10) Withdrawn - It needs a good cleaning outside and inside as was left in the garden. Otherwise it stiil does his job. If interested please reply with your contact number. Collection @NW10 off Neasden Lane North Thanks for watching
Offer: Wooden venetian blind 120cm wide (NW10) Withdrawn - Hi Freeglers Needs to be dusted If interested please reply with your contact number Collection NW10 off Neasden Lane North Thanks
Offer: Stone pattern worktop leftovers - different sizes (NW10) Gifted - Hi there I've got these leftovers of worktop that could be used to make shelves or a small wall table. I would have a heartbroken to see thrown them away. Please if interest reply with you contact number. Thanks
Request: 15x15 white wall tiles (NW10) Received - Hi Freeglers Is there anyone who has forgotten in the bottom of the shed any 15x15 white wall tile. I need max 10 pcs. Many thanks Request: Rectangular planter min 50cm lenght (NW10) Received - HI there Anyone who has a spare planter to give away similar the one in the picture? Any material is fine plastic, wood, terracotta, I can collect any time Many thanks
Offer: TV Dish (NW10) Gifted - Hello Anyone anterested in a TV dish? It's been left from the previous tenant. It might be by Sky TV I don't know if it can be re-use it. If interested please reply with your contact number. Many thanks
Offer: PUNCTURED inflatable pool NEEDS TO BE REPAIRED (NW10) Gifted - Hi Freeglers This is a PUNCTURED pool which means it NEEDS TO BE REPAIRED. Before throwing it away it is worth seeing if there is someone who would like to try to repair it and enjoy it with the current real good weather. The pool is composed of two inflatable tubes in which the upper one has a small hole but you should find it. Otherwise the lower tube is ok. Sorry, no pump is provided Collection @ Braemar AV NW10 Please if interested reply with your contact number Thanks
Request: Ethernet cable 4m length (NW10) Received - Does anyone have a spare cable to connect my router to my laptop. It should be no less than 3.5m length I generously freegled one a few months ago and I'm now realizing that I needed it. Thank you for reading Offer: House plant (NW10) Gifted - Hi Freeglers I there any plant lovers who want to adopt this lovely plant which is to big now for my tiny room ? High 170cm ish Honestly I am not really a good green finger so it is in need of a good TLC If interested please reply with your contact number. Collection off Neasden lane close to Mc donalds area. Thank you for watching. Offer: USB wired computer keyboard (NW10) Gifted - Hi Freeglers The keyboard works fine but the F4 button's missed Please if interested send me your contact number and I'll get in touch with you. Please no time waster Collection off Neasden Lane close to Mc Donalds area Thanks
Offer: Virgin's modems/hubs, cables and USB keys (NW10) Gifted - Hi Freeglers I have a couple of modems from Virgin. One is the Hob2 e the other is one of the previous generation. They come with cables for connection. I've got a more recent Hob from Virgin that why I don't use them anymore Moreover I have some USB that I don't use but I don't know really what's their use for. Some maybe are for storage but others I don't know what's the use. Maybe somebody can use them somehow otherwise they go in the bin. Please reply with your contact number if interested I will text to arrange collection Thanks Offer: Base Cabinet 60 CM Brand New Still packaged (NW10) Gifted - Hi Fregleers I the cabinet is still folded in his original package. It comes with adjustable legs but NO DOOR If interested please reply with your tel number and I will contact you to arrange collection. Collection off Neasdean lane (Mc Donald area) Thanks Falco
Offer: Kitchen Base Unit 60cm brand new (NW10) Gifted - Kitchen base unit 60 cm brand new still packaged with assembling instruction. Collection off Neasden Lane NW10 close to Mc Donald area by tomorrow evening Please if interested email me your contact number and I will call you back. Thanks Offer: Printer scanner (NW10) Gifted - Got it from another freegler but realised it is too big for my tiny space It comes with spare cartridges too Collection close to Neasden Lane - McDonald's area To whom interested please send your contact number and I'll contact you to arrange collection. Thanks
Offer: Callan Method Books Italian version (NW10) - Hello freeglers The books are related to the English course for Italians There are a brochure and 4 books from lesson 1 to lesson 126. I think that's it. Collection in Neasden close to Mc Donalds area Thank you for reading. Offer: Loveley Sofa Bed (NW10) Gifted - Hi freeglers We are changing our living room in a single bedroom so we no longer need this lovely sofa bed. However it would be shame sending it to the waste centre as it can still do its job properly. Look at the pics, you can use it like normal sofa, or open halfway as a lounge sofa, or totally open for a comfy bed. It also has a good sized drawer underneath. The only cons is the cover on the back bottom corners which was torn by our little rabbit. But this is not visible from the front and it doesn't affect the function of the sofa. We have also cats and although we have always covered it, you still have to be brushed it by a pet hair roller brush, but this is an easy job to do. The cover is also completely removable so you can wash it in a washing machine. Measurements as Sofa W= 150cm x D=90cm H=80cm open as Bed 150x200cm If you are interested only tonight after 8pm I got a small van available so if you want to come and collect it then I can help with delivering it in a 5miles radius from my home (NW10 neasden lane),otherwise please let me know when you will able to collect it and please send me your contact tel number. You can see photos here: Offer: Faulty Digital cordless phone (Hazelwood Court NW10) - Hello Freeglers The phone it is faulty as the display is not working. Before to put the phone in the bin I wanted be sure there is no one interested who might fix and use it. Please replay with your tel number. Many thanks You can see photos here: