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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Iron (Dollis Hill) Gifted - Working
Offer: BT telephone (Dollis Hill) Gifted - Very good condition.
Request: Grass mower (Dollis Hill) - If you have an old grass mower to give away I can pick it up anytime, thanks Offer: tv stand (Dollis Hill) Gifted - Seems like wood but it’s just an adhesive.
Offer: Curtain poles (Dollis Hill) Gifted - Old, just need a nice clean.
Offer: CDs+DVDs no cases (Dollis Hill) Gifted - Various DVDs and CDs See pictures
+5 +4 +3
Offer: Brown curtains (Dollis Hill) Gifted - 2sets. 145cm x 288cm
Offer: King size duvet set. 2x (Dollis Hill) Gifted - 2 pillowcases each. 1 duvet cover each. Must go this week. Thanks.
Offer: 2king size bedding cover (Dollis Hill) Gifted - 2king size bedding cover With pillowcases Please see pictures
Offer: CDs (Dollis Hill) Gifted - Various CDs see pictures
+6 +5 +4
Offer: King size throw blanket (Dollis Hill) Gifted - King size throw blanket Brown See pictures
Offer: Double size bedding cover (Dollis Hill) Gifted - Double size bedding cover With 4 pillowcases See pictures
Offer: Kids table + 2 chairs (Dollis Hill) Gifted - See pictures Pick up only from Dollis Hill
Offer: Wood one drawer chest (Dollis Hill) Gifted - Very small Wood one drawer chest ( bedside) Pick up only Dollis Hill NW10
Offer: Drawer (Dollis Hill) Gifted - Small wood 1drawer furniture.
Offer: Cover for edredom (Dollis Hill) Gifted - Cover for edredom With 4 pillowcases Double size.
Offer: throw blanket King size (Dollis Hill) Gifted - throw blanket King size Brown
Offer: King size edredom case (Dollis Hill) Gifted - King size edredom case with 2 pillowcases.
Offer: Small one drawer (Dollis Hill) Gifted - Wood furniture
Offer: Lady’s pads extra plus (Dollis Hill) Gifted - Lady’s pads extra plus still in the package.
Offer: Mobile phone Alcatel (Dollis Hill) Gifted - It works but you have to put a SIM card and you need to buy a charger.
Offer: Indian decorations (Dollis Hill) Gifted - See pictures
+2 +1
Offer: CDs about positive thinking (Dollis Hill) Gifted - See pictures
Offer: TV with image colours defect (Dollis Hill) Gifted - Orion TV with image defect. See pictures.
+3 +2 +1
Offer: Clothes boys 2 to 3 years old (Dollis Hill) Gifted - A bag full of nice clothes for boys from 2 to 3 years old. Pick up only Thank you. Offer: A4 laminating pouches. (10x) (Dollis Hill) Gifted - 160micron (80x2) 216x303 mm
Offer: Ferrari throw (Dollis Hill) Gifted - Good condition 👍
Offer: Manchester throw (Dollis Hill) Gifted - Good condition 👍
Offer: Wine and spirits study books (Dollis Hill) Gifted - Level 2 and level 3 study books and study guide.
+3 +2 +1
Offer: Virgin Media equipment (Dollis Hill) Gifted - Wires/ 2x old TV boxes (1x TiVo) / 2x remote controls / 1x Hub
+2 +1