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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Lined NEUTRAL colour curtains (Worthing BN13) Gifted - 66” wide a 90” long pencil pleat header curtains. Perfect condition, hung for approx 6 months. Linen-look, blackout bonded lining. Offer: Lined PALE GREY Curtains (Worthing BN13) Gifted - 66” wide x 90” long pencil pleat heading. Perfect condition only hung for 6 months. Linen-look with bonded blackout lining. Offer: Dog Food (Worthing BN13) Gifted - 4 x Lily’s Kitchen Fishy Fish Pie, 4 x Lily’s Kitchen Wild Campfire Stew, 10 x Earls Pouches - various flavours, 2 x cans Butchers Puppy food. My doggie doesn’t like them and only eats fresh chicken breast!
Offer: Toyota Sewing Machine (Worthing BN13) Gifted - Toyota model KB13 RS2000 Series sewing machine. Old but still worked well when last used about a year ago. Cotton reel holder broke years ago and I used a screw in its place - see photos - also plug has disappeared but that’s easily replaced. Does button holes (4step) 4 stitch lengths and 8 other stitch types. Bobbin winder and reverse stitching
Offer: Lightweight Tripod (Worthing BN13) Gifted - Konig Camera Trpod. New and still boxed. Unwanted gift.
Offer: Drawer Knobs & Handles (Worthing BN13) Gifted - 8 x Antique Brass Drawer Handles, (photo 1) 3 x Antique Brass Drawer Knobs (photo 2) 5 x Picture Drawer Knobs - birds/flowers- (photo 3). 1 and 3 are new but 2 are from a very old chest of drawers.
Offer: Fire Wood (Logs) (Worthing BN13) Gifted - From a felled cherry tree trunk. Must be gone by Monday evening or will be taken to tip! Winter’s coming!
Offer: Baby Carrier (Worthing BN13) Gifted - Lightweight baby carrier. Burgundy red colour. With rain/sun canopy. No fraying or damage. Great for taking baby on long walks where terrain isn’t suitable for prams or buggy’s.
Offer: Baby Carrier (Worthing BN13) Gifted - Burgundy red baby carrier. Very sturdy but lightweight. With rain hood. Old but in vet good condition. Great for long walks and holidays. Offer: Bag of sawdust (Worthing BN13) Gifted - Dustbin bag full of fresh sawdust from cut down cherry tree. Hamsters? Rabbits? Guinea Pigs? Offer: Metal Tile Trim (Worthing BN13) Gifted - Homelux SilverTiletrim as photo.1 x 6ft and a further piece about 4ft long. Plus about three pieces of a different sort (don’t know name as it was left in the shed when I moved in!)
Offer: Tree Stakes (Worthing BN13) Gifted - 3 EZ Drive metal tree stakes. Brand new. These are telescopic.
Offer: Metal Tile Trim (Worthing BN13) Gifted - Homelux Tiletrim as photo.1 x 6ft and a further piece about 4ft long. Plus about three pieces of a different sort (don’t know name as it was left in the shed when I moved in!)
Offer: Weights (Worthing BN13) Gifted - As per photo - I have no idea exactly what they are as my son left them when he moved to his own home and no longer wants them!
Offer: Strong Grippers (Worthing BN13) Gifted - 6 in total, were used to hold a tarpaulin right over garden furniture during winter storage. No longer needed
Offer: Fridge Freezer (Worthing BN13) Gifted - Tall half/half frost free fridge freezer. Has some rust spots as it’s been stored in an outside building. It works perfectly well (I plugged it in and left it on for a week to test it) although it does need a very thorough clean! Suitable for use in a garage or similar? Request: Umbrella Buggy/Stroller (Worthing BN13) Received - Wanted please! An umbrella stroller with hood suitable for 1yr old. Needed so I can take my granddaughter on holiday at end of month. Worthing area Offer: Dining Tabe (Worthing BN13) Gifted - Oval dining table. 59” (150 cm) long x 35.5” (90cm) wide. Central extending panel adds a further 12” (30cm) to length. A little worn around the edges but generally in good condition. No stains or heat marks.Legs can be removed for transport (I can’t deliver). Needs to go ASAP as it’s outside as I’ve niwhere to store it.
Offer: Curtains (Worthing BN13) Gifted - Each curtain 90” wide x 72” long. Fully lined. 3” pencil pleat header tape. In excellent condition. Reposted due to time wasters.
Offer: Packing boxes (Worthing BN13) Gifted - 4 large packing boxes. Good condition. Offer: Garden chairs (Worthing BN13) Gifted - 4 green plastic garden chairs, old and sun faded but plastic goes on forever so lots of life left in them. Reposted due to time waster. Offer: Packing Boxes (Worthing BN13) Gifted - 4 packing boxes in good condition. Offer: Fencing Wood (Worthing BN13) Gifted - Hardly weathered approx 4’6” long.
Offer: Wood Off-cuts (Worthing BN13) Gifted - Hardly weathered approx 4’6” long each piece, I also have a piece of marine ply 8ft x 2ft and a smaller off-cut if any wants it!! Two trellis panels as well
Offer: Games (Worthing BN13) Gifted - Ludo Snakes snd Ladders and Draughts. Hardly used.
Offer: Fencing Wood (Worthing BN13) Gifted - Fence panels removed from a structure just a few months old so hardly weathered. Approximately 4’6” long. Does have nails in but easily removed. Reposted due to being let down.
Offer: Fire Wood (Worthing BN13) Gifted - Scrap fencing and other bits of wood suitable for kindling or firewood
Offer: Picture/photo Frames (Worthing BN13) Gifted - A selection of picture and photo frames, several never used. Largest takes a 20” x 16” picture not including border.
Offer: Table Top Game (Worthing BN13) Gifted - Chess, backgammon and chequers.
Offer: Fencing Wood (Worthing BN13) Gifted - Have two piles of fencing panel wood. One more suitable for firewood or kindling, the other could be used as fencing or garden border edging (approx 4’6” lengths). Does have nails in but they come out easily.