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Request: Bookshelf/vintage clothing (Peru rd) - Any Request: Decor (Peru rd) - Home and bedroom decor Request: Spare carpet, remodeling (Peru rd) - White gray black. Bedroom size. Request: Hair & makeup supplies (Peru rd) Received - Any Request: Foset garage sink (Peru rd) Received - Any Request: Banana bike (Peru rd) Received - Any Request: Modern jewelry (Peru rd) Received - I'm looking for old-time vintage jewelry I collect it so if you do not have the need for a please let me know Request: Shoes and boots (Peru rd) Received - Looking for boots and shoes size 7women's size 1 in girls Request: Girl clothing (Peru rd) Expired - Girl clothes size8. Request: Girl clothing (Peru rd) Expired - Girl clothes sizes 7t-8t Request: House paint (Peru rd) Expired - Any color Request: Blinds or curtains for Windows (Peru rd) Expired - Any Request: Bathroom decor (Peru rd) Expired - Bathroom rugs toilet seat covering any kind of bathroom items that is decorative Request: Vanity (Peru rd) Received - My daughter just loves doing her makeup! Would love to have a wooden vanity for her!! Request: Barbies/dolls (Peru rd) Expired - Any Request: Halloweencostumes (Peru rd) Expired - Halloween costumes, boy and girl of any sorts Request: Fishing poles (Peru rd) Expired - For a man Request: Ged prep 2019 (Peru rd) Expired - Ged prep book Request: Outside water toys (Peru rd) Expired - For my children Request: Metal detector (Peru rd) Expired - Any good condition Request: Old coins or bills (Peru rd) Expired - Any Request: Outside wood (Peru rd) Expired - Wood to build green house. Request: Dish set (Peru rd) Expired - Any Request: Landscaping bricks/rocks (Peru rd) Expired - Any landscaping bricks or rocks would be so wonderful! Request: Interior paint (Peru rd) Expired - Any color Request: Dresser/vanity (Peru rd) Expired - If anyone has either that would be great!! Items are for little girl. Request: Hoover vacuum parts (Peru rd) Expired - Any Request: Inversion table (Peru rd) Expired - Any Request: Vintage jewelery (Peru rd) Expired - Any Request: House paint (Peru rd) Expired - Any color would be great!