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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Bra Straps (Tunbridge Wells N. TN4) - Spare bra straps (black, cream & clear) Offer: 12x Takeaway Containers (Tunbridge Wells N. TN4) Gifted - All with lids. Useful for freezing leftovers or storing odd bits. Collection from TN4 9PJ
Offer: Hair bands (Tunbridge Wells N. TN4) Gifted - Various sizes and colours Offer: Electric Juicer (Tunbridge Wells N. TN4) Gifted - Some marks on the jug, but doesn't affect use.
Offer: Party banners and Confetti (Tunbridge Wells N. TN4) Gifted - Various party banners (birthday/wedding etc) and confetti Offer: Smoke & Heat Alarm, base only (Tunbridge Wells N. TN4) Withdrawn - 2x base only, brand new. Not required as already have fitted.
Offer: Lever arch files (Tunbridge Wells N. TN4) Gifted - Used condition Offer: Tights (Tunbridge Wells N. TN4) Gifted - Lots of pairs of tights, most barely worn (if at all). Would say size Small-Medium (10-12). Mainly black, with some grey, purple & blue. Offer: Sturdy boxes (Tunbridge Wells N. TN4) Withdrawn - 4 boxes
Offer: Lever arch files (Tunbridge Wells N. TN4) - Used lever arch files.
Offer: Party banners and confetti (Tunbridge Wells N. TN4) - All well used, but plenty of use left.
Offer: Bubble wrap scraps (Tunbridge Wells N. TN4) Gifted - Scraps of bubble wrap
Offer: Glass yogurt pots (Tunbridge Wells N. TN4) Gifted - Used glass yogurt pots. May have a few more of the lidded ones if needed.
Offer: Fancy dress brunette wig (Tunbridge Wells N. TN4) Gifted - Apologies for the bad photos!
Offer: Halloween Green Zombie Spray (Tunbridge Wells N. TN4) Gifted - Still sealed
Offer: Xmas decorations (Tunbridge Wells N. TN4) Gifted - Would like these to go to a charity or to someone who may not otherwise have decorations at Xmas.
Offer: Gift bags (Tunbridge Wells N. TN4) Gifted - Assortment of gift bags
Offer: Lever Arch Files (Tunbridge Wells N. TN4) - 4x black and 1x blue used lever arch folders. Will just need new labels for the spines. Offer: Plastic plant pots (Tunbridge Wells N. TN4) - 2 plant pots, received via Freegle, but these ones are surplus to requirements.
Request: Princess Carriage (Tunbridge Wells N. TN4) Received - A big ask, but I am looking for a ride on horse and princess carriage, please! Offer: Plastic Shot Glasses (Tunbridge Wells N. TN4) Gifted - Approx 30 plastic shot glasses
Offer: CD Holder (Tunbridge Wells N. TN4) Gifted - Wooden CD holder
Offer: Desk trays (Tunbridge Wells N. TN4) Gifted - Black, plastic desk trays. All in used condition, but plenty of use left in them!
Offer: Jiffy bags (Tunbridge Wells N. TN4) Gifted - Used jiffy bags, various sizes
Offer: Make-up (Tunbridge Wells N. TN4) Gifted - Various eye shadows (some used), eye pencils (unused), applicators (unused)
Request: Plastic plant pots (Tunbridge Wells N. TN4) Received - 8" or a little larger in diameter, please. Offer: Wooden/plastic knives & forks (Tunbridge Wells N. TN4) Gifted - Mainly forks, with a few knives. Never used, given out with takeaway lunches.
Request: Wool or other crochet accessories (Tunbridge Wells N. TN4) Received - Just learning to crochet and so any suitable wool would be a fantastic help! Thanks. Offer: Wii Fit Board (Tunbridge Wells N. TN4) Gifted - Wii Fit board available.
Offer: Scholl Express Pedi (Tunbridge Wells N. TN4) Gifted - Scholl Express Pedi with 2, never used, replacement roller heads.