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Request: Gaz burner (Silverhill TN37) - Screw in camping GAZ burner stove for the larger GAZ bottles, NOT the smaller disposable canister/cartridge type. Thanks. Request: Digital picture frame (Silverhill TN37) - Digital picture frame & power supply, must work. Very mature lady would like simple way to show her friends the images on her camera memory cards Request: Freeview box (Silverhill TN37) - Freeview tv top box & zapper. Both should work. Thanks Offer: Scalextrics (Silverhill TN37) - Scalextrics power connector? Worked years ago.
Photo of free Scalextrics (Silverhill TN37)
Offer: Air tools, non-working. (Silverhill TN37) Gifted - For spares or repairs, old non-working air tools.
Photo of free Air tools, non-working. (Silverhill TN37)
Request: Ultra sonic cleaning tank (Silverhill TN37) - Ultra sonic cleaning tank to hopefully free the clogged nozzles on my ink cartridges. Thanks Request: Gas cartridges (Silverhill TN37) - Gas cartridges like these to fit this type of stove. Thanks
Photo of Gas cartridges (Silverhill TN37)
Request: Fence paint (Silverhill TN37) - Fence paint, any colour. Thanks Request: Radio (Silverhill TN37) Withdrawn - Mains powered radio or mains/battery, need to listen to BBC Radio Sussex. Mine will not tune in to them! Thanks. Offer: Gaz cylinders (Silverhill TN37) Gifted - Empty Gaz 904 cylinders, one or both.
Photo of free Gaz cylinders (Silverhill TN37)
Request: Matsui tv remote control (Silverhill TN37) Withdrawn - Old style Matsui tv remote control. Thanks.
Photo of Matsui tv remote control (Silverhill TN37)
Photo of Matsui tv remote control (Silverhill TN37)
Request: Ultrasonic cleaning tank (Silverhill TN37) - Ultrasonic cleaning tank. Need to clean small car parts and ink cartridges with clogged jets! Thanks. Request: 15 pin M/M D computer monitor cable (Silverhill TN37) Received - 15 pin D M/M computer monitor cable. 1m or longer. Thanks. Request: garden sprayer (Silverhill TN37) Withdrawn - Hand pumped garden sprayer. Must work,the black fly are taking over! Thanks Request: Haynes VW Polo manual (Silverhill TN37) - Haynes VW Polo 2000 to 2002, (V to 51 reg) manual. Thanks Offer: Projector (Silverhill TN37) Gifted - Epson - EMP 710 projector, carry case & user manual. Bulb OK. NO data cables or remote control.
Photo of free Projector (Silverhill TN37)
Photo of free Projector (Silverhill TN37)
Offer: Tower computers (Silverhill TN37) Gifted - 2 tower units. EMachine E4252, has certificate sticker for Windows Vista Home Premium. DVD/CD-RW, memory card slots. NO power supply. HP Compaq SG3, has certificate sticker for Windows 7 Home Premium. DVD. No idea if either will actually work. +
Photo of free Tower computers (Silverhill TN37)
Offer: Electric hand tools (Silverhill TN37) Withdrawn - NON-working Bosch angle grinder & Parkside jigsaw. For spares only.
Photo of free Electric hand tools (Silverhill TN37)
Offer: Fence panel (Silverhill TN37) Gifted - Used fence panel, 6 ft x 4 ft slight damage. Spares or repair?
Photo of free Fence panel (Silverhill TN37)
Photo of free Fence panel (Silverhill TN37)
Offer: Cool box (Silverhill TN37) Gifted - Very small cool box, needs a good clean.
Photo of free Cool box (Silverhill TN37)
Offer: Garden hose reel (Silverhill TN37) Withdrawn - Garden hose reel and wall hose guide.
Photo of free Garden hose reel (Silverhill TN37)
Offer: VHS tapes (Silverhill TN37) Gifted - Assorted 20+ VHS tapes, singles and sets. some kids, some horror, etc No idea of quality. Offer: Oak posts (Silverhill TN37) Gifted - 1 - Approx 6 ft 6 inch x 4 inch square, straight & heavy. 1- Approx 7 ft 6 inch x 5 inch square, slight bend, very heavy, Offer: Fence slats, lathes. (Silverhill TN37) Gifted - 12+ lengths 3 ft + long, blue with hint of grey on most of face. 27+ lengths 5 to 6 ft long, both ends, edges and 1 face - 3 hours recent painting with red cedar, could make 8 ft wide panel. Few unpainted long lengths of various quality Few lengths of slotted unpainted end bars from original fence panels. Single post 6 ft 8 inch high x almost 4 inch square. heavy & straight, lightly painted. 12 + 3 ft long grey blue with grey on most of face. 27+ 5 to 6 ft long. 3 hours painting last week with red cedar on ends, edges and 1 face. A few lengths of slotted end bars to make complete panels.
Photo of free Fence slats, lathes. (Silverhill TN37)
Photo of free Fence slats, lathes. (Silverhill TN37)
Request: Shed/fence paint (Silverhill TN37) - Any colour, even grey! Hopefully more than half litre. Thanks. Offer: Black & Decker Workmate (Silverhill TN37) Gifted - Workmate, early type, heavy duty, dual height, rusty, Right locking catch needs attention.
Photo of free Black & Decker Workmate (Silverhill TN37)
Offer: Stepladder (Silverhill TN37) Gifted - Wooden step ladder. Approx 5ft high. Stable but needs minor repair and wood worm treatment.
Photo of free Stepladder (Silverhill TN37)
Request: Camera memory cards (Silverhill TN37) - SD or SDHC data memory cards. They will be wiped and reformatted before I use them. Thanks Request: Gazebo case (Silverhill TN37) - Gazebo carry case or sail bag or similar. Minimum size - 10 inch x 10 inch x 5 ft. Thanks. Offer: Bike career (Silverhill TN37) Gifted - Hatch back bike career. USA Hollywood brand. All straps included?
Photo of free Bike career (Silverhill TN37)