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Offer: HP OfficeJet Pro K550 Printer (Silverhill TN37) - On offer again due to time waster not collecting! A4 OfficeJet Pro K550, office grade inkjet printer. Printed manual and several spare HP88 cartridges, USB and Network data connectors, Please check you can download the printer drivers for your computer.
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Offer: Amstrad 3 inch PCW computer (Silverhill TN37) - Amstrad 3 inch PCW computers, large quantity of spares, discs and bits! Clear out or to the tip. Thanks Request: Parcel tape dispenser (Silverhill TN37) - Hand held 2 inch / 50 mm plastic parcel tape dispenser Request: Paper Shredder (Silverhill TN37) Withdrawn - Working paper shredder and waste container wanted by a local society having a clear out. Thanks Request: Builders wheel barrow (Silverhill TN37) Withdrawn - Builders grade wheel barrow, holes no problem but MUST have good pneumatic tyre! For use in a local charity food bank. Thanks Offer: Dome tent poles (Silverhill TN37) Withdrawn - Fibre glass dome tent poles, several sets, various lengths, still strung together. Offer: Steel tent poles (Silverhill TN37) Withdrawn - Steel tent poles, painted white, various lengths and diameters and a few plastic junction pieces. Request: Jump starter (Silverhill TN37) - Car jump starter, damp colder mornings already giving starting problems to my little used old car. Thanks Request: Large tent bag. 135 cm x 30 cm x30 cm (Silverhill TN37) Withdrawn - Large bag, sail bag, tent bag, caravan awning bag, etc. Approx 135 cm x 30 cm x 30 cm for my frame tent. The original cardboard box has had it! Thanks. Offer: Wine grapes (Silverhill TN37) Gifted - Black wine grapes, with pips, too small to eat. 2 or 3 buckets full. Bring your own buckets! Offer: Dome tent poles (Silverhill TN37) Gifted - Several assorted fibre glass dome tent poles. Strung together in sets. Maybe able to replace your bent or broken poles. Request: Large sack truck (Silverhill TN37) - Ore Community Centre charity food pantry have need of a large industrial style sack truck. We have to frequently move large heavy containers around the centre. Thanks. Request: Cement mixer Belle 150 4 legged stand (Silverhill TN37) Received - 4 legged stand ideally with pivot/tilt pin for Belle 150 cement mixer.
Request: Old style roof rack mounting bars (Silverhill TN37) - Retro 1960s old style car curved roof rack mounting legs that clamp to the roof gutters. Thule,Paddy Hopkirk, etc. One or more needed! Thanks.
Request: iPad (Silverhill TN37) Received - Broke my tablet, in a hurry bought an iPad 1st generation only to find later that it did not take pictures! So anybody have an iPad 2nd generation or newer that will take pictures? Thanks. Request: Lay flat water pipe, 1 inch or 25 mm (Silverhill TN37) Received - Any sensible length, longer the better. For my sump pump. Thanks. Offer: Crab apple trees (Silverhill TN37) - Very small, growing from a root of the larger donor tree. Offer: Non-working lawn mower (Silverhill TN37) Gifted - For spares or repairs. Will not push so blades will not rotate! Qualcast Panther 30.
Offer: Small crab apple tree (Silverhill TN37) Gifted - Currently just 6 inches high, will eventually grow to over 15 ft! Beautiful colour in the spring. Thanks. Request: Coffee pot (Silverhill TN37) Received - 600 ml white plastic coffee pot. Needed for an upcoming stage show! Thanks.
Offer: Sofa (Silverhill TN37) Gifted - Ore Community Centre has 3 sofas to give away ASAP, NOT fire retardant material. All are two seaters. Dark green sofas may be a pair. Large, comfortable and heavy. 2 people needed to lift and a suitable sized van or pickup to take away. 01424 432719 M-F 9-5. Space is needed. Thanks.
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Request: 110v site transformer (Silverhill TN37) - Must work, ideally twin 110v sockets. Thanks Offer: Lawn mower (Silverhill TN37) Gifted - Used, no collection box. may need a sharpen. Thanks
Offer: Small crab apple tree (Silverhill TN37) Gifted - Now 6 inch tall, will grow to over 15ft. Beautiful scarlet colour on both fruit and leaves in the spring. Very small fruit. Growing from a root not a cutting. Request: 1 inch/ 25 mm layflat hose (Silverhill TN37) - To use with my sump pump. As long as possible. Thanks. Offer: HP printer (Silverhill TN37) Gifted - HP 7310 All in One printer with duplex paper drive. Did work with Windows XP. Check that you can download the printer drivers for your system. Request: 1 inch / 25 mm diameter layflat hose (Silverhill TN37) - Layflat hose for use with my sump pump. At least 15ft or 5m length. Thanks. Request: Laminator (Silverhill TN37) - A4 or even better A3. Must work. Thanks. Request: laminator (Silverhill TN37) - Laminator, A4 or even better A3. Must work. Thanks. Request: 12v solar panel (Silverhill TN37) - 12v solar panel to keep my car battery topped up. Sort of panel you see on a car or van dashboard. Thanks