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Request: gravel (Craigie DD4) - I'm looking for a small amount of gravel - enough to cover a 1 metre square patch. Any kind of gravel, any colour will do. Offer: Two rucksacks (Craigie DD4) Withdrawn - The larger one is Karrimor - big enough for a trip round Europe when we're allowed. The smaller Eurohike - for a long weekend. Can't find sizes I'm afraid. Both in good condition (never used much).
Photo of free Two rucksacks (Craigie DD4)
Photo of free Two rucksacks (Craigie DD4)
Offer: picture frame (Craigie DD4) Withdrawn - pine frame, with glass (but no back) - never used. 68x58cm
Photo of free picture frame (Craigie DD4)
Offer: lampshade (Craigie DD4) Withdrawn - good condition; height - 18cm; width at bottom - 28cm
Photo of free lampshade (Craigie DD4)
Offer: jute blinds (Craigie DD4) Expired - 3x 90cm wide and 1x 60cm wide jute blinds. A bit tired and faded but complete and easy to hang (no fittings required)
Photo of free jute blinds (Craigie DD4)
Offer: carbon filters for cooker hood (Craigie DD4) Expired - These are two "universal" filters - unknown age but never used . 470mm x 570mm. May have multiple uses! Thanks for reading
Photo of free carbon filters for cooker hood (Craigie DD4)
Offer: Melitta Single 5 electric coffee filter maching (Craigie DD4) Expired - No jug, but fully functioning. Thanks for reading Offer: 2 kitchen clocks - not working (Craigie DD4) Expired - These are two very nice-looking kitchen wall clocks, neither of which work, but which may be of interest to someone happy to try a repair, or to turn them into picture frames. The black and white clock is brand new.
Photo of free 2 kitchen clocks - not working (Craigie DD4)
Photo of free 2 kitchen clocks - not working (Craigie DD4)
Request: Ethernet cable (Craigie DD4) Expired - I need an ethernet cable to help with fixing my laptop. Any length will do. Thanks for reading Request: pieces of coloured felt (Craigie DD4) Expired - I'm looking for scraps of felt (not too tiny) to make a parrot for my granddaughter, for Halloween (she will be going out as a pirate). Any colour, the brighter the better. Thanks for reading Offer: heated towel rail (Craigie DD4) Expired - 62 x 53 cm. Good condition. All fittings included
Photo of free heated towel rail (Craigie DD4)
Offer: carved wooden hearth surround (Craigie DD4) Expired - 137x33 cm . Its in good condition - no bashes.
Photo of free carved wooden hearth surround (Craigie DD4)
Offer: rhubarb crown (Craigie DD4) Expired - Large rhubarb plant, very healthy and very productive - surplus to requirements. Request: old bicycle inner tubes (Craigie DD4) Expired - I need 3 or 4 inner tubes for staking trees. Any condition will do, and they can be punctured. thanks for reading Request: Fireguard (Craigie DD4) Expired - I need a large fireguard (one that will fit round a wood-burning stove) for a visiting grandchild. Condition not important, so long as it stands up! thanks for reading Offer: fibre glass plant trough (Craigie DD4) Expired - Outdoor plant trough - 1 m x 30cm x 30cm. Terracotta colour, In good condition - just surplus to my requirements. Offer: Bosch hedgetrimmer (Craigie DD4) Expired - Bosch AH5 41 ACCU hedgetrimmer in good condition although the battery does not last long. Useful for a short hedge! Offer: Hay for rabbits (Craigie DD4) Expired - I have a sizeable pile of hay just cut from my "lawn" . Clean and free of thistles, nettles and any debris. Free to a good home! Request: child stairgate (Craigie DD4) Expired - Looking for a stairgate for a visiting grandchild. I'd be very grateful for any offer(s). Condition doesn't matter, so long as it works! thanks for reading Offer: 4 box files (Craigie DD4) Expired - 4 box files in very good condition. Will hold masses of stuff