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Offer: Kitchen Cupboard Pelmet/Cornice (Chippenham SN15) - Two lengths each 3m long. Unused, undamaged as far as I'm aware, still boxed but a but dusty at the end from storage. Medium Oak finish.
Photo of free Kitchen Cupboard Pelmet/Cornice (Chippenham SN15)
Photo of free Kitchen Cupboard Pelmet/Cornice (Chippenham SN15)
Photo of free Kitchen Cupboard Pelmet/Cornice (Chippenham SN15)
Offer: Cable Tidy Sleeving (Chippenham SN15) - Looks to be about 3 metres of it.
Photo of free Cable Tidy Sleeving (Chippenham SN15)
Offer: Cardboard packaging (Chippenham SN15) - several lengths of right-angled cardboard packaging, can be used for protecting furniture corners if you're moving house or for packaging long items for post. All a minimum of 6 ft long.
Photo of free Cardboard packaging (Chippenham SN15)
Offer: Vintage Brass Colour Curtain Pole (Chippenham SN15) - Vintage 1960s fluted brass effect curtain pole with brackets. 63 inches long including finials, about 56 inches between. Very dusty from attic storage.
Photo of free Vintage Brass Colour Curtain Pole (Chippenham SN15)
Photo of free Vintage Brass Colour Curtain Pole (Chippenham SN15)
Offer: Electricity usage monitor (Chippenham SN15) Gifted - This is designed to monitor your electricity usage if you don't have a smart meter. I no longer have the instructions but I'm sure they'll be online somewhere. Basically you clamp it onto the two fat cables coming out of your mains on/off and connect the clamp to the transmitter unit which takes three AA batteries. You plug the receiver unit (the box with the display) into a convenient mains socket in the house and it will show you your electricity usage.
Photo of free Electricity usage monitor (Chippenham SN15)
Offer: Energy-saving Standby Plug (Chippenham SN15) Gifted - I can't remember ever using this. Complete with instructions, uses your normal TV remote to switch the TV off at the mains so it doesn't remain on standby. Instructions say it will work with any remote.
Photo of free Energy-saving Standby Plug (Chippenham SN15)
Offer: Light Bulbs (Chippenham SN15) Gifted - A number of energy-saving lightbulbs, all standard bayonet fitting, the majority still boxed and unused. 11 watt and 8 watt Happy to split, please say how many you'd like of which wattage
Photo of free Light Bulbs (Chippenham SN15)
Offer: Seasonal double-glazing film (Chippenham SN15) Gifted - Two opened packs of seasonal double-glazing film. Several years old but stored indoors in a cupboard, so not dusty or sun-damaged. Not too sure how much is in each but I wouldn't have kept it if the pieces were too small for my windows. There are 4 or 5 reels of tape but this may have gone gummy over the years, I've not checked. Offer: Curtain header tape (Chippenham SN15) Gifted - Two lengths of curtain header tape, each 3 inches wide and 64 inches long. Has been used but washed and pressed.
Photo of free Curtain header tape (Chippenham SN15)
Offer: Yellow Iris rhizomes (Chippenham SN15) Gifted - I've divided a yellow iris that had outgrown its pot (pic is from before I split it). Several separate pieces with soil attached, some will need a bucket to themselves, others much smaller. Something for everyone!
Photo of free Yellow Iris rhizomes (Chippenham SN15)
Offer: Shower Caddy (Chippenham SN15) Gifted - telescopic full-height (floor to ceiling) corner shower caddy, came from Argos a couple of years ago but seems to have been discontinued. I think it might be the same as Dunelm SKU 30706214. Stays in place because it's sprung, you don't need to drill any holes in walls. Sprung aluminium pole and three plastic caddies (so it won't rust). From memory it will go up to at least 2.5 metres. We didn't need all of the poles for a modern 7ft 6" ceiling but they're all included. Needs a clean.
Photo of free Shower Caddy (Chippenham SN15)
Offer: Cranesbill (wild geranium) (Chippenham SN15) Gifted - Purple flowers early summer, it's "gone over" now and I'm thinning it out. Pulled up rather than dug up as the roots tend to scramble across the surface of the ground. Quite a lot of it, take as much or as little as you want. Offer: Rose of Sharon plants (Chippenham SN15) Gifted - aka Aaron's Beard. Still some flowers (yellow) but most of them have finished for the year. Quite a lot of it but I pulled it up rather than dug it up so roots aren't terribly good. It seems to be pretty indestructible though if you want to give it a go. Offer: Bergenia Plants (Chippenham SN15) Gifted - Three fair size rhizomes with decent root systems plus several more pieces that may or may not take. Freshly pulled up rather than carefully divided. Offer: Bamboo Plant (Chippenham SN15) Gifted - As can be seen this became pot-bound. It needs to go in a bigger pot (was in a 38cm square bell) or be divided. Feel free to bring your own garden implements if you only want a little piece.
Photo of free Bamboo Plant (Chippenham SN15)
Offer: Car Battery (Chippenham SN15) Gifted - Still life left and takes a charge, but was becoming unreliable as I only use my car occasionally and for short journeys. There is "KG4E16" embossed on it and it came from Kwikfit a few years back. The new replacement was Halfords HB154 if that helps you identify if it might be some good to you. It definitely fits a 2005 Honda Jazz, I've no idea about other cars.
Photo of free Car Battery (Chippenham SN15)
Offer: Old Kitchen Stool (Chippenham SN15) Gifted - Old kitchen stool about 22 inches high. Needs a clean but quite serviceable.
Photo of free Old Kitchen Stool (Chippenham SN15)
Offer: Camping Stove/gas ring (Chippenham SN15) Gifted - Camping gas stove with box and instructions. Takes disposable 200g butane canister (not included)
Photo of free Camping Stove/gas ring (Chippenham SN15)
Offer: Rectangular Metal Tray (Chippenham SN15) Gifted - Two-tone, 1970s I think. Needs a clean. Overall including handles about 18 inches x 10 inches
Photo of free Rectangular Metal Tray (Chippenham SN15)
Offer: Rothmans Football Yearbooks (Chippenham SN15) Gifted - Several years starting with the season 1975-76. Suit collector?
Photo of free Rothmans Football Yearbooks (Chippenham SN15)
Offer: Salter Bathroom Scales (Chippenham SN15) Gifted - Need a new CR2032 battery and a clean but working last time I tried.
Photo of free Salter Bathroom Scales (Chippenham SN15)
Offer: Balance Assistance Handle (Chippenham SN15) Gifted - Chrome coloured plastic handle that attaches to a tiled wall by suction (no drilling). New & unused, with instructions.
Photo of free Balance Assistance Handle (Chippenham SN15)
Offer: Vintage Kilner Jars (Chippenham SN15) Gifted - About 6 inches high and 4 inches across, not sure of the capacity. Lids are rusty but threads are good. You'll obviously need to get new sealing discs for them.
Photo of free Vintage Kilner Jars (Chippenham SN15)
Offer: Dining Chairs (Chippenham SN15) Gifted - Pair of vintage/antique dining chairs, one painted white, the other stained in a dark colour.
Photo of free Dining Chairs (Chippenham SN15)
Offer: Sage Colour Wall Tiles (Chippenham SN15) Withdrawn - A quantity Sphinx ceramic tiles in a mottled sage green colour (Pampas or avocado bathroom suite anyone?), believed new. I think I counted 69 plain and 10 decor. Each tile 10cm x 20cm. Probably from the 1980s.
Photo of free Sage Colour Wall Tiles (Chippenham SN15)
Offer: Beige Wall Tiles (Chippenham SN15) Withdrawn - 15 plain and decor 6 inch square Incepa wall tiles. One of the plain ones has been trimmed. I found another decor one after photographing them Some new, some reclaimed. The rust spots on the edges don't bleed through to the glazed side. Probably from the 1980s.
Photo of free Beige Wall Tiles (Chippenham SN15)
Offer: HSL Riser Recliner Armchair (Chippenham SN15) Gifted - Just over 2 years old, standard size. Electric, perfect working order - controls pocket is on the right as you sit in the chair. Upholstered in a sage green colour (pics haven't come out all that well). From pet and smoke-free home.
Photo of free HSL Riser Recliner Armchair (Chippenham SN15)
Photo of free HSL Riser Recliner Armchair (Chippenham SN15)
Offer: HSL Electric Bed Slat Assembly (Chippenham SN15) Gifted - Adjustable slatted base for an HSL 2ft 6 x 6ft 6 single bed, complete with motor and control. Good condition and in working order.
Photo of free HSL Electric Bed Slat Assembly (Chippenham SN15)
Photo of free HSL Electric Bed Slat Assembly (Chippenham SN15)
Offer: Activity Dough play-doh (Chippenham SN15) Withdrawn - W H Smith activity dough (play-doh). Three unopened pots (red, yellow and blue) remaining from a pack of 4 Collection from Yewstock Crescent area of Chippenham. Offer: Endorsing Ink for Rubber Stamps (Chippenham SN15) Withdrawn - Black colour, vintage but still plenty left in bottle Collection from Yewstock Crescent area of Chippenham