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Request: Vinyl Tiles (Portsmouth PO1) - Am looking for about 20 stick on floor tiles or long stick on laminate effect ones if anyone has that many spare ?? Many thanks... Mick Request: sewing pins (Portsmouth PO1) - Hello. I am looking for sewing pins if anyone has many to spare... Large or small pins but with small heads on them .... Many thanks Mick Request: Computer parts (Portsmouth PO1) - Hi ... I am looking for computers or computer parts... Working or not would be much appreciated... Thank you in advance :) Request: Fleece (Portsmouth PO1) - Hi all. My wife is looking for fleece like material to make blankets and crafting... Many thanks Mick Request: Old External hdd/cd enclosure (Portsmouth PO1) - Hi. I am looking for an old hdd/cd/dvd enclosure if anyone has one lying around they no-longer using.. Many thanks.. Mick Request: Material (Portsmouth PO1) - Wanted . Any Material or material off-cuts as for use for a project.. Many thanks Mick Request: Baby Carrier (Portsmouth PO1) Expired - Am looking for a baby carrier for a friend . One that you can put baby in front of you with straps ??. Many thanks .. Mick Request: Cardboard boxes for moving (Portsmouth PO1) Received - Am asking on behalf of a family friend who is in need of boxes for moving crockery and home items... Many thanks in advance... Distancing will be in place... Thanks again Mick Request: Bed (Portsmouth PO1) Withdrawn - Hi. Am after either a camp bed or put u up bed Single if anyone getting rid of 1..... Many thanks Mick Request: TV (Portsmouth PO1) Withdrawn - Hi. Am after a 32" or bigger tv.. Not crt bulky one.. The one I have is 28" and the contrast is up full and can barely see much on it.. Thank you Mick Request: Shoe Stretchers (Portsmouth PO1) Expired - Hi. Am looking for a couple of shoe stretchers. The ones you can use to stretch over time... Many thanks Mick Request: Chop Saw (Portsmouth PO1) Expired - Hi everyone... This is a long shot,but..... Has anyone got a working chop saw they no longer use... Many thanx in advance... Mick Request: External IDE Dvd (Portsmouth PO1) Expired - Hi all. I am looking for an external dvd/cd reader/writer. I have many hdd that need formatting. All i would do with the drive is to take out the insides and use it to connect a hdd to it.. Many thanks. Mick Request: Fans (Portsmouth PO1) Expired - Am looking for a couple of floor standing or table working electric fans please. Not heaters.. Many thanks Mick Request: Yoga mat (Portsmouth PO1) Expired - My wife is after a yoga mat or something like one... Many thanks Mick Request: Router (Portsmouth PO1) Withdrawn - Hi. I'm looking for an 4 or 5 port router for my home network.. many thanx in advance Mick Request: Craft items (Portsmouth PO1) Expired - Hi all. My wife is looking for any craft items such as :- Girly embellishments,Ribbons, Pins, Girly napkins, Glue sticks, Barrette clips... Things like that .. Many thanks in advance.. Yours sincerely Mick Request: Bangle weaver tools (Portsmouth PO1) Expired - Has anyone got any spare or unwanted bangle weaving tools ???. Many thanks in advance Mick Request: Hamma beads (Portsmouth PO1) Withdrawn - Has anyone got any Hamma Beads they are getting rid of please ?? Many thanks Mick Request: Polystyrene (Portsmouth PO1) Received - Looking for some Polystyrene strips around 20" square or bigger... Thank you Mick Request: Curtain pole (Portsmouth PO1) Expired - Hi. I am looking for a curtain pole roughly 250 cm - 260 cm (98 1/2 " - 102" ) roughly with ends if possible... Colour (anything) Many thanks Mick Request: Christmas Tree (Portsmouth PO1) Withdrawn - Has anyone got (preferably) a small 3ft Christmas Tree and if possible with some baubles please... It's for my daughter ....And any lights please.. Many thanx Mick Request: Bobbins (Portsmouth PO1) Withdrawn - Hi there. Has anyone got any spare plastic or metal bobbins for a sewing machine and over-locker please ???? Many thanx Mick
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Request: Cooler (Portsmouth PO1) Expired - Is anyone getting rid of a working electric wine bottle cooler or cooler that holds cans ??? Many thanks Mick Request: Coffee machine (Portsmouth PO1) Withdrawn - I am looking for a coffee machine if anyone is getting rid of theirs ... Many thanks Mick Request: Cordless drill (Portsmouth PO1) Received - Hello. I am looking for a cordless drill battery for a pro performance 12 volt drill. Or if anyone has got a used cordless drill they no longer use, would be greatly appreciated.. Yours sincerely Mick Request: rope (Portsmouth PO1) Expired - Hi.. Am looking for Red and Gold rope for crafting if anyone has any spare or no longer needed.. Many thanks Mick Request: Spools (Portsmouth PO1) Expired - Hi.. Has anyone got any small wooden spools ???. The ones which have cotton on them ???... Many thanks Mick Request: cordless drill (Hayling Island PO11) Expired - Has anyone got a cordless drill that works they no-longer require??? .. Many thanks Mick Request: Small Wooden Boxes (Hayling Island PO11) Expired - My wife is looking for many small wooden or cardboard boxes for crafting.. The ones that can be decorated etc...3" X 3" X 3" or similar Many thanks... Mick