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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Mugs (Netherfield LA9) Gifted - A box of mugs. Some even match! 4 are insulated metal
Photo of free Mugs (Netherfield LA9)
Offer: Print (Netherfield LA9) Gifted - Van Gogh print-bought at the Van Gogh museum
Photo of free Print (Netherfield LA9)
Offer: Bamboo flooring (Netherfield LA9) Gifted - Used, you could try and use it again but I recommend for fire wood, it burns well but ideally needs an electric saw to cut into pieces, as it’s very hard.
Photo of free Bamboo flooring (Netherfield LA9)
Offer: Matt paint (Netherfield LA9) Gifted - I’m guessing 1/2 5L tin of DuluxVirtual kelp mixed paint. I’d say it’s off duck egg in colour. Been kept indoors Also I’d say 3/4 of a 1L of Grecian white kitchen matt paint. Also kept inside and not opened since used. Offer: Light bulbs (Netherfield LA9) Withdrawn - 4 light bulbs 1 12v GU4 3 dimmable GU5.3 MR16 12v They all have 2 pin fittings-but I don’t have any lights which need these Offer: Lamp shade (Netherfield LA9) Gifted - About 12 inches diameter. Oatmeal coloured
Photo of free Lamp shade (Netherfield LA9)
Offer: Bubble wrap (Netherfield LA9) Gifted - As seem in photo, clean and ready to use.
Photo of free Bubble wrap (Netherfield LA9)
Offer: 2 x Dining Chairs (Netherfield LA9) Gifted - 2 Ikea dining chairs, could do with a revarnish or oil. They still sell these chairs at IKEA. There are 2 chairs-I’m not sure how I got the number left thing!
Photo of free 2 x Dining Chairs (Netherfield LA9)
Offer: Sofa and chair covers (Netherfield LA9) Gifted - 2 covers, 1 for a large armchair, 1 for 3 seater sofa. Only used for 3
Photo of free Sofa and chair covers (Netherfield LA9)
Offer: Artificial flowers +vase (Netherfield LA9) Gifted - Can be left outside for collection
Photo of free Artificial flowers +vase (Netherfield LA9)
Offer: Pictures (Netherfield LA9) Gifted - 3 pictures I’ve had on the wall for a while, but the wall is moving! 1. Natland church 2. Balloon fiesta, alberquerque 3. Fish Say which you’d like
Photo of free Pictures (Netherfield LA9)
Photo of free Pictures (Netherfield LA9)
Photo of free Pictures (Netherfield LA9)
Offer: Small bag of possible kindling (Netherfield LA9) Promised - I’m sure it will burn well! Off cut from my door mostly so some hard wood Not worth travelling for but if your passing the leisure centre....
Photo of free Small bag of possible kindling (Netherfield LA9)
Offer: Bath (Netherfield LA9) Gifted - Given to me by a friend, but I don’t need another bath or planter
Photo of free Bath (Netherfield LA9)
Offer: Curtain rail (Netherfield LA9) Withdrawn - About 8 foot long with fittings, they type that comes in a roll so can go round corners Offer: foot pump (Netherfield LA9) Gifted - Possibly new, can’t remember when last used! Reposted as not collected
Photo of free foot pump (Netherfield LA9)
Offer: Venetian blind- (Netherfield LA9) Gifted - 210cm wide, length must be at least 150cm. working and fittings for the wall available. Very light grey in colour Request: Standing desk (Netherfield LA9) Withdrawn - I wonder if anyone has a standing desk or desk converter they are no longer using. I now know I’m going to be at home for 3 months, and would love to try a standing desk Many thanks in advance Offer: Fire surround/mantel (Netherfield LA9) Gifted - I was hoping to use this but it’s too deep for my current fire, so I hope someone can make use of it. It’s half pained in ink blue furniture paint
Photo of free Fire surround/mantel (Netherfield LA9)
Request: Wallpaper steamer (Netherfield LA9) Received - Has anyone finished their wall paper removing and wants their wallpaper steamer out of the way? Many thanks in advance Offer: Solar powered blue lights (Netherfield LA9) Gifted - Work well, but I didn’t mean to buy blue Offer: Sky box (Netherfield LA9) Gifted - Old and I’ve only used it as a free view box
Photo of free Sky box (Netherfield LA9)
Offer: Camping roll matt (Netherfield LA9) Gifted - Foam roll matt, borrowed by a friend once so maybe never used! Offer: Flatscreen TV (Netherfield LA9) Gifted - Quite old but works. Had hdmi and scart connections
Photo of free Flatscreen TV (Netherfield LA9)
Offer: 2 small waste bins (Netherfield LA9) Withdrawn - Well used, both have plastic liners that can be removed Offer: Tile adhesive and grout (Netherfield LA9) Gifted - 2 opened tubs of tile adhesive and grout in white. A bit old but will be useable
Photo of free Tile adhesive and grout (Netherfield LA9)
Offer: Minidiscs (Netherfield LA9) Expired - 7 minidiscs-I’m guessing you can re-record on them. Only used once to record for a CD in Bengali I wonder if anyone still uses them? Offer: Motorola smart phone (Netherfield LA9) Gifted - Donated to me for a project, no longer needed Offer: Mobile phone (Netherfield LA9) Gifted - Sony Xperia mobile phone. I got from Freegle for a project. No longer needed.
Photo of free Mobile phone (Netherfield LA9)
Offer: Double sleeping bag (Netherfield LA9) Gifted - Only used twice with 1 person in. Offer: Self inflating camping mat (Netherfield LA9) Gifted - Single and quite short. Used twice.
Photo of free Self inflating camping mat (Netherfield LA9)