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Request: Stained/leaded glass tools (Netherfield LA9) - I’m hoping to complete my new door with a stained glass panel. I’ve done stained glass at classes but have no kit of my own. Glass cutter, snips, lead, glass etc all gratefully recieved. Many thanks Offer: Cotton material (Netherfield LA9) Gifted - A very random selection of material for any project-ideal for home made face coverings. Either brand new or washed. All ironed. Packed in a sealed plastic bag
Photo of free Cotton material (Netherfield LA9)
Offer: Magazine files (Netherfield LA9) Gifted - 8 magazine files, 2 card, 6 plywood. Also a few A4 files
Photo of free Magazine files (Netherfield LA9)
Offer: Lever arch files, A4 files, (Netherfield LA9) Withdrawn - I have a variety of files, 2-3 A4 ring binders, 3-4 lever arch files All used but reusable Offer: Shower seal (Netherfield LA9) Gifted - This doesn’t fit my shower screen, but is was ordered to fit a curved door. 870mm long, 4-6mm glas, 16-22mm gap
Photo of free Shower seal (Netherfield LA9)
Offer: Lever arch files (Netherfield LA9) Gifted - All well used but still functional with a label or 2 to disguise my writing Various colours, I have about 9 Offer: Guttering (Netherfield LA9) Withdrawn - Old and I suspect imperial guttering and a down spout. Offer: Plastic roofing (Netherfield LA9) Gifted - 3 sheets of plastic roofing, with the odd hold where screws held it in place. Could do with a clean as been on the roof for quite a long time! Offer: Amazing brackets (Netherfield LA9) Gifted - These 2 brackets make an extra leaf for a table, or a foldable shelf. I don’t know what they’re called but theyre called but they work well. I have hinges too, which you’ll need to bend the shelf/leaf
Photo of free Amazing brackets (Netherfield LA9)
Offer: Glossy photo paper (Netherfield LA9) Gifted - 1 full pack. Can be left on the garden wall for collection
Photo of free Glossy photo paper (Netherfield LA9)
Offer: Paving slabs (Netherfield LA9) Gifted - 7 very heavy concrete paving slabs, painted white but easy to paint over. Need collecting before Monday ideally. They’re outside and available anytime Offer: Rubble (Netherfield LA9) Withdrawn - I have 3 blue boxes full of rubble and some blocks and bricks, all suitable to in fill. There will be some more but wall demolition is hard work! *Mod Note - please read Freegle's 'advice on safe freegling' before requesting or offering items to ensure that you can stay within current regulations and guidelines: Offer: Fire wood (Netherfield LA9) Gifted - Can anyone use a wheelbarrow full of wood, it’s painted- I guess ideal for a fire pit outside Wheelbarrow not included, but can be borrowed to transport *Mod Note - please read Freegle's 'advice on safe freegling' before requesting or offering items to ensure that you can stay within current regulations and guidelines:
Photo of free Fire wood (Netherfield LA9)
Offer: Glass (Netherfield LA9) Gifted - I have a few panes of glass that were in my porch. Old, no kite marks on it but all pieces in one piece currently. Some with masking tape for safety. All pieces 113cm long, max width 81cm. Most about 80cm, 4 thinner than this. Available for collection ASAP Offer: Speakers (Netherfield LA9) Gifted - A pair of speakers available. Not had a lot of use, but are probably 35 years old!
Photo of free Speakers (Netherfield LA9)
Photo of free Speakers (Netherfield LA9)
Offer: Jump leads and red triangle (Netherfield LA9) Gifted - A set of jump leads, warning triangle and visibility vest.
Photo of free Jump leads and red triangle (Netherfield LA9)
Request: Jumble (Netherfield LA9) Withdrawn - St marks church Natland are having a jumble sale next Saturday, 15th February. If you have any jumble, you are welcome to bring it along on the morning to Natland village hall. Alternatively I can arrange collection on the day or possibly this week. All shoppers are welcome at 2pm Request: Dehumidifier (Netherfield LA9) - I wonder if anyone has a dehumidifier they not longer need. I think my house would benefit from one Many thanks Anna Offer: real fire spares (Netherfield LA9) Gifted - I have a few bits that might be useful for anyone with a coal fire: 2 fire bricks to make the fire smaller, a spare grate, and ash holder. All well used and heavy! Offer: Extendable metal Curtain Pole (Netherfield LA9) Withdrawn - Stainless steel curtain pole with fittings for either end and rings. The fittings are past their best but the pole and rings are fine Offer: 4 foot bed (Netherfield LA9) Withdrawn - 4 foot bed available, very comfortable, not had much use but it’s very multicoloured! I inherited it with my house, it may not have a fire retardant notice on it Anna Request: Sky WiFi booster (Netherfield LA9) Withdrawn - I wonder if anyone has a WiFi booster, or a TP link to get WiFi round my house. Many thanks in advance Offer: Lava Lamp (Netherfield LA9) Gifted - A mathmos lava lamp, available as I’m sick of trying to find a bulb that will heat up so it works. Fluidium lamp with yellow wax and orange fittings Offer: Le creuset pans (Netherfield LA9) Gifted - I have 2 le creuset pans with lids and a large casserole with lid which I don’t use anymore. They’re all blue and used, but in working order. Anna Offer: Hose pipe (Netherfield LA9) Gifted - I have a hose pipe with 1 hole and a brand new hose reel if anyone can use them. Not sure how long the hose is, maybe 15m Offer: Washing machine (Netherfield LA9) Gifted - I have an old washing machine without a plug looking for a new home. The on button is broken, but it does work well if you can turn it on! it might be more use to make a fire pit with the drum though! Request: Android smartphone (Netherfield LA9) Received - Hi, I’m wanting to do a project at work which needs an android phone for its battery life. Many thanks in advance Offer: Folding chairs (Netherfield LA9) Gifted - 4 folding chairs, great as emergency chairs. A bit dusty, but used only once or twice Offer: Single divan bed (Netherfield LA9) - I have a well used single divan bed, with 2 storage drawers. No headboard. The mattress is a posturpaedic of some kind. Request: Jumble (Netherfield LA9) - St Marks Church in Natland are holding a fundraising Jumble Sale on Saturday 16th February at Natland Village Hall 2pm If anyone has any jumble, please do bring it along on the morning of 16th feb (9-12pm) or get in touch if you need help with transport/large items. All jumble much appreciated. Also, you may find great treasures to buy at 2pm!