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Offer: Water and waste hose (Allestree DE22) - Standard water hose and waste pipe suitable for most washing machines.
Photo of free Water and waste hose (Allestree DE22)
Offer: Netbook (Allestree DE22) Gifted - 11-year old Acer Aspire Netbook with Intel Atom processor and Windows XP. Comes with original box and accessories. The battery has expired so it will only run when plugged in but it does work. I'm sure it could be of use to someone.
Photo of free Netbook (Allestree DE22)
Offer: Water Butt (Allestree DE22) Gifted - Nearly new 220 litre water butt with diverter kit and stand. There is a problem that the plastic at the bottom is a bit weak. Not a problem if you sit it on a solid surface but if you want to stand it on bricks the weight of water will cause it to deform and fall off.
Photo of free Water Butt (Allestree DE22)
Request: Wheelbarrow (Allestree DE22) Withdrawn - Any state, as long as it's functional. Thanks. Offer: Double Electric Oven (Allestree DE22) Gifted - Working electric double oven (Bedale) which fits into a standard kitchen unit.
Photo of free Double Electric Oven (Allestree DE22)
Offer: Wooden Kitchen Units (Allestree DE22) Withdrawn - A couple of wall cabinets with doors and some base units, although they're in poor condition.
Photo of free Wooden Kitchen Units (Allestree DE22)
Offer: Building Sand (Allestree DE22) Gifted - Small quantity of building sand available. Some of it is already bagged but I can bag the rest if someone wants all of it.
Photo of free Building Sand (Allestree DE22)
Offer: LED Floodlight with PIR (Allestree DE22) Gifted - 5 year old 30W LED floodlight. Will light a large area. Full working order although the PIR yoke has been snapped. Will still work and easily repairable.
Photo of free LED Floodlight with PIR (Allestree DE22)
Offer: Paving slabs - 60cmx60cm (Allestree DE22) Gifted - 34 available. Offer: Broken paving slabs (Allestree DE22) Withdrawn - Equivalent of roughly eight paving slabs in various broken states. Some might be useful for shed bases but otherwise probably only good for hardcore. Will be going in a skip next week if no one claims. Offer: Glass Cake Display Dish (Allestree DE22) Gifted - 14cm high, 25cm diameter.
Photo of free Glass Cake Display Dish (Allestree DE22)
Offer: Kitchen Sink (Allestree DE22) Gifted - Cream, 2-basin kitchen sink with drainer. 1m wide, 20cm deep.
Photo of free Kitchen Sink (Allestree DE22)
Photo of free Kitchen Sink (Allestree DE22)
Offer: Double glazing unit (Allestree DE22) Gifted - Spare double glazing unit from a door. Great condition, no damage. Measurements are 56cmx104cm. 3cm depth.
Photo of free Double glazing unit (Allestree DE22)
Offer: Springless Clothes Pegs (Allestree DE22) Gifted - 24xbrand new springless wooden cloth pegs.
Photo of free Springless Clothes Pegs (Allestree DE22)
Offer: Pyracantha (Allestree DE22) Gifted - Healthy plant, nice and prickly for the right location.
Photo of free Pyracantha (Allestree DE22)
Offer: Ikea Tealights x 100 (Allestree DE22) Gifted - Brand new, never used.
Photo of free Ikea Tealights x 100 (Allestree DE22)
Offer: Aluminium Preserve Pan (Allestree DE22) Gifted - Approximate width 31cm by 14cm deep.
Photo of free Aluminium Preserve Pan (Allestree DE22)
Offer: Wilko White Matt Emulsion (Allestree DE22) Gifted - An unused 5 litre tin of white matt emulsion. The Wilko stuff isn't the best quality but still perfectly suitable for lots of places. Offer: Kitchen Units (Allestree DE22) Gifted - Kitchen is being ripped out so there are doors, hinges, worktops and carcasses available. Photo shows the style but there are more units out of shot. Please reply ASAP otherwise it will be going in a skip I'm afraid.
Photo of free Kitchen Units (Allestree DE22)
Offer: Ridge Tiles (Allestree DE22) Gifted - Around 15 ridge tiles free to a good home. If you can't use them as tiles they'd make good hardcore.
Photo of free Ridge Tiles (Allestree DE22)
Offer: Roof Tiles (Allestree DE22) Withdrawn - Approximately 40 brand new slate grey concrete roof tiles left over from an extension. Interlocking and suitable for roof pitches down to 22½° Full spec at:
Photo of free Roof Tiles (Allestree DE22)
Photo of free Roof Tiles (Allestree DE22)
Offer: Bricks/rubble (Allestree DE22) Withdrawn - I've got a small quantity of red brick and thermalite block offcuts left from a building job. Probably not much use as a brick but if anyone needs hardcore they'd do the job.
Photo of free Bricks/rubble (Allestree DE22)
Offer: Concrete paving slabs (Allestree DE22) Gifted - I have ten 60cmx60cm by 2.5cm depth paving slabs to give away. If you can take away today or Sunday it would be preferred.
Photo of free Concrete paving slabs (Allestree DE22)
Offer: Loft ladder (Allestree DE22) Gifted - Extendable aluminium loft ladder suitable for most houses. You'll need to have the skills or hire someone to fit it to your loft hatch unless you have an alternative use.
Photo of free Loft ladder (Allestree DE22)
Offer: Bookcase (Allestree DE22) Gifted - 40cm depth, 69cm width, 121cm height. Two removable shelves.
Photo of free Bookcase (Allestree DE22)
Offer: Single Bed Frame and Mattress (Allestree DE22) Gifted - Ikea Sultan Skymning single mattress and bed frame. It's nearly 20 years old but has only ever been a guest bed so hasn't seen much use. Medium to firm springs. Please only respond if you have a means of transporting.
Photo of free Single Bed Frame and Mattress (Allestree DE22)
Offer: Single Duvet (Allestree DE22) Gifted - Old thin single duvet. Only really any good as a bed for a pet. Offer: Fuji X-T10 Digital Camera faulty (Allestree DE22) Gifted - Body only with no battery, lenses or accessories. The sensor has a fault which leaves a small black mark on all images. If you're taking every day mundane images for work it probably wouldn't be a problem. Alternatively you might be able to get it repaired cheaply.
Photo of free Fuji X-T10 Digital Camera faulty (Allestree DE22)
Offer: Electronics (Allestree DE22) Gifted - This is a battery backup for sensitive electrical equipment or dealing with power cuts (typically computers). The unit is in perfect working order but the battery requires replacement (the expensive part!) The unit is split into eight plugs, four run via the battery and WILL NOT WORK until the battery is replaced. However the other four are just surge protected so could be used without replacing the battery.
Photo of free Electronics (Allestree DE22)
Request: Solid metal pole (Allestree DE22) Received - I need a metal pole I can use as a garden stake to stop an apple tree leaning over. It exerts a lot of force hence I need a sturdy pole at least 2 metres in length. Thanks.