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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: Beige lamp shade (Arlington) - Never used, still has plastic on it.
Offer: Beige lamp shade (Arlington) - Never used, still has plastic on older lamp shade
Offer: Glass vase (Arlington) - Use for flowers or candle. No chips
Offer: Red Bottle/wine holder (Arlington) - Red, great condition
Offer: Unopened fabric softener (Arlington) Gifted - 10 FL Oz Downey
Offer: Perineal antiseptic cleanser (Arlington) Gifted - 3 unopened bottles, however exp is 2013. We used this product for a family member, who was in a wheelchair.
Offer: Toddler toy. (Arlington) - Great condition, good for coordination.
Offer: Kids foam sport launchers (Arlington) Gifted - New, great for party favor bags?
Offer: Star wars paper plates (Arlington) - Unopened 8 pack
Offer: Plastic she'll shaped bowls (Arlington) Gifted - 3 green, 3 red...great for individual shrimp cocktails
Offer: Magnetic alphabet letters (Arlington) Gifted - New, still in package
Offer: Talc powder (Arlington) Gifted - Johnson and Johnson baby powder, unopened, 2 bottles
Offer: Baby/Toddler toys (Arlington) Gifted - Great condition, (top of biggest block a little worn). email me to let me know which you are interested in and I can leave it out the morning you plan to come by.
Offer: Covered jar (Arlington) Gifted - Clear glass jar with cover
Offer: Toddler books (Arlington) Gifted - Good condition, nursery rhymes does NOT have the cd.
Offer: Pete the cat books (Arlington) Gifted - Great condition,chose 1 or all.
Offer: Christmas framed stocking holders (Arlington) Gifted - Very old, very heavy, made to hold a picture of choice. 3 different looks. Take 1, 2 or all 3.
Offer: Shot glasses (Arlington) Gifted - 3 pairs, take one pair OR take all.
Offer: Vase (Arlington) Gifted - Red, no chips
Offer: Collage picture frame (Arlington) Gifted - Brand new
Offer: Kids play jewlery (Arlington) Gifted - Multiple items
Offer: Knick knack shelf (Arlington) Gifted - There are shelves, and tiny hooks under shelves to hang items instead
Offer: Candle topper (Arlington) Gifted - Candle shown for scale only. Topper is a taupe/brown color. Works with med to large candles.
Offer: Kids play mailbox (Arlington) Gifted - Good condition, use any key to open, or h Just turn knob.
Offer: Princess castle for toddler's (Arlington) Gifted - Good condition, never left outside.
Offer: Large jar candle cover (Arlington) - Great condition, no chips
Offer: Babies rainbow stacking toy (Arlington) - Great condition, plastic
Offer: Glass top for candle (Arlington) - Good condition, no chips
Offer: Cocktail glasses (Arlington) Gifted - 2 glasses, top part with drink rests in bottom filled with ice to keep drink cold.
Offer: Large Minnie (Arlington) Gifted - Great condition, no stains,