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Request: Wooden Bookshelves (91605) - looking for a tall, relatively narrow wooden bookshelf Offer: canvas awning with one leg broken (91605) Withdrawn - one leg of this canvas awning is broken, you might be able to fix it with pliers and a little elbow grease. Other than that, it's still intact. it will be outside as we are cleaning out our garage today. 7118 Nagle, North Hollywood!
Offer: printer (91605) Withdrawn - HP inkjet printer. no idea if it works. come by and pick it up! will be outside as we're cleaning out the garage. 7118 nagle, North Hollywood.
Request: peat pots & seed starter (91605) - Hello! I'm looking for some seed starting equipment. Small peat pots, seed-starting soil, etc. Thanks in advance! Request: Corkboard/Bulliten Board (91605) - Doesn't have to be huge, looking for something basic. Thanks! Offer: Musee D'Orsay poster (91605) - Wrapped and rolled poster, never opened. I think my mom brought it back from France some years ago, but I never really had a place for it. Give it a good home!
Offer: Leopard Print boots size 8.5 (91605) Gifted - These are really tight on me, they were initially listed as a size 9, but I think they're probably more like 8.5. I got them for a costume but they're too uncomfortable to wear on a regular basis. They're cute though!
Request: Blue Ikea bags (4) (91605) Received - I need some of those blue Ikea bags to haul some dirt! Let me know if you've got them, and I'll take them off your hands. 👍 Thanks! Request: Foam back roller (91605) - Looking for one of those phone back rollers you used to stretch out sore back muscles. They look like a cylinder. I've seen them at the gym, but wanted to check if anyone had one they weren't using before I went out and bought new. Thanks! Offer: Oxford report covers, 25-count (91605) Gifted - A box of 25 Oxford earthwise recycled report covers in blue. Come pick them up!