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Offer: New waffle maker (Hintonburg (Somerset/Bayswater) Gifted - New waffle maker, but note European 220 plug.
Photo of free New waffle maker (Hintonburg (Somerset/Bayswater)
Offer: Red Hot Poker Roots (Hintonburg (Somerset/Bayswater) Gifted - I have six dried red hot poker (kniphofia) roots, also known as torch lily, which I have had for several years. I no longer have the space to plant them. They should be planted now. Any takers? Request: Book: Clock Dance (Hintonburg (Somerset/Bayswater) Withdrawn - Looking for a copy of Clock Dance by Anne Tyler for a friend’s upcoming book club. Offer: Large Jars (Hintonburg (Somerset/Bayswater) Withdrawn - Several very large glass jars (suitable for pickles), one brown jug, one plastic bottle. Any takers?
Photo of free Large Jars (Hintonburg (Somerset/Bayswater)
Offer: Few Dishes (Hintonburg (Somerset/Bayswater) Withdrawn - 5 soup bowls, one with small chip; 3 dinner plates, two with small chips. Any interest? Somerset/Wellington area in Hintonburg.
Photo of free Few Dishes (Hintonburg (Somerset/Bayswater)
Offer: More Plastic Flower Pots (Hintonburg (Somerset/Bayswater) Withdrawn - Still lots of plastic flower pots available, all sizes. Offer: Small Plastic Flower Pots (Hintonburg (Somerset/Bayswater) Gifted - Approximately 100 small plastic flower pots, suitable for starting spring seedlings. Offer: Patio Umbrella: Needs Restringing (Hintonburg (Somerset/Bayswater) Gifted - I have a wine coloured, rectangular (6 feet by 3 feet) patio umbrella that NEEDS TO BE RESTRUNG. There are all kinds of videos on YouTube that show you how to do this, and it does not look difficult. It is otherwise in excellent condition and comes with the extension pole. Does anyone want to give this a try? Offer: Plastic hangers (Hintonburg (Somerset/Bayswater) Gifted - About 75 plastic hangers, various coloured. Porch pickup. Offer: Artificial Christmas Wreaths (Hintonburg (Somerset/Bayswater) Gifted - I have three artificial Christmas wreaths approximately 22 inches in width that have dried out (the spruce needles are falling). They are no longer suitable for indoor use but they are still usable for outdoors. Does anybody want them? Offer: Tall purple asters (Hintonburg) Gifted - I have two large clumps of tall purple asters with lots of new shoots. Anyone wantthem? Laurel Street near Irving Avenue. Offer: Phlox (Hintonburg) (Hintonburg near Bayswater) Gifted - Several clumps of pale pink, purple and lavender phlox. Several clumps of purple ligularia. Offer: 4 cup rice cooker Hintonburg (Hintonburg near Bayswater) Gifted - Offer: My neighbour is moving and has a used working 4-cup Salton rice cooker to give away. Somerset near Bayswater area in Hintonburg. Offer: Plastic Window Planters (Hintonburg near Bayswater) Gifted - REOffering: at least ten plastic window flower planters, varying sizes, terra cotta and dark green in colour, some with drainage trays. Similar to the attached pictures. Somerset near Bayswater in Hintonburg.
Photo of free Plastic Window Planters (Hintonburg near Bayswater)
Photo of free Plastic Window Planters (Hintonburg near Bayswater)
Offer: 4 Milk Bag Pitchers (Hintonburg) Gifted - 4 white pitchers to hold milk bags. Somerset/Wellington area in Hintonburg. Offer: Plastic Window Boxes (Hintonburg near Bayswater) Gifted - Offer: at least a dozen plastic window flower boxes, varying sizes, terra cotta and green in colour, some with drainage trays. Similar to the link below. Somerset near Bayswater in Hintonburg. Offer: Pass to Women’ show (Hintonburg near Bayswater) Gifted - Offer: I have one free admission pass to the national women’s show tomorrow, Sunday, at the Shaw Centre. There is free parking at City Hall. Somerset/Wellington’s/Bayswater area. Offer: VHS Tapes (Hintonburg) Expired - Offer: Approx 120 VHS tapes, about two thirds are used with movies and tv shows on them and one third original movie tapes. Must take all. Somerset/Wellington area. Offer: L'Oreal Hair Conditioner (Hintonburg) Gifted - Offer: I have six tubes of the above hair conditioner which come in the box with hair colour. Somerset/Wellington area. Offer: Withdrawn: Non Working LED Lights (Hintonburg) Expired - No interest after more than a week, so offer withdrawn. Too bad because they could have been repaired. Offer: Non working led lights (Hintonburg) Expired - Offer: I have several strings of non working led lights, mostly blue in colour, and one multi coloured. They are not old. The blue strings have spare bulbs, and can be fixed according to google. Does anyone want to fiddle with them? Somerset/Bayswater area. Offer: King Size Flannelette Sheets (Hintonburg) Gifted - Offer: King Size flannelette sheets, white with some brown embroidery along the top band. Also two matching king size pillow cases. Somerset/Wellington area in Hintonburg. Offer: Women's Rubber Boots (Hintonburg) Expired - Offer: Women's rubber boots, black with green sole, size 8. Like new condition. Somerset/Wellington area in Hintonburg. Offer: Brown Eyed Susans (Hintonburg) (Hintonburg near Bayswater) Expired - I just thinned out my brown eyed Susans. They are bare roots sitting in a pail of water. About twenty plants. Anyone interested? Offer: Wheelchair Battery Charger (Hintonburg) Expired - Offer: LESTER 24 Volt Dual Mode Automatic Battery Charger for wheelchairs. Model number 18330 with three pin plug. NOTE: I cannot confirm that it works. Somerset/Wellington area. Offer: Calla Lily Bulbs (Hintonburg) Gifted - Offer: I have a dozen calla lily bulbs which have sprouted and should be planted. It is not too late. Note they have to be lifted/dug up in the fall, dried, and stored over winter. Somerset/Wellington area. Offer: Brita Filter Slim Pitcher (Hintonburg) Gifted - Offer: Brita Filter Slim Pitcher (new). See photo which I hope uploaded. Near Somerset/Wellington in Hintonburg. brita pitcher Request: Microwave (Hintonburg) Expired - Wanted: medium sized microwave. My fairly new medium sized microwave just died, and I use it several times a day. Any one in FullCircles land have one they are not using? Offer: Yarn and Wool (Hintonburg) Gifted - Offer: Large bag of miscellaneous yarn and wool. Near Somerset and Wellington in HIntonburg. Offer: Older Ram (Hintonburg) Expired - Offer: I have some older ram taken from a Macbook on offer; two sticks 512 MB and one stick 1 GB. Anybody have any use for these?