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Request: Mini oven (Braintree CM7) - Working tabletop mini oven. Any brand or size just needs to be working Request: frying pans/pots, blinds, carpet/rug/runner (Braintree CM7) - frying pans/ pots, roller blind/ Venetian blind, carpet rug or runner Request: toys, lego & stationery (Braintree CM7) - Kids toys age 3-5 years. Anything to keep 2 naughty children busy!!! kids tablet or leappad, innotab, nintendo or games console like playstation more then welcome. Any stationery like crayons, pens, pencils, stickers,stamps or colouring books Request: Emulsion paint (Braintree CM7) - Anyone have any emulsion wall paint they don't need? I'm after Light, neutral coloured paint Request: Sewing accessories (Braintree CM7) - Any sewing bits ideally thread needles etc... Request: Mobile smartphone or tablet (Braintree CM7) - Any unwanted tablet or smartphone in working condition Request: Ladies shoes/trainers (Braintree CM7) - Any good condition size 4 or 5 ladies footwear Request: Microwave oven (Braintree CM7) - Any microwave thats working and in good condition Request: Kids clothes (Braintree CM7) - Age 7-8 or 8-9. Boy and girl who seem to be making clothes dirty all the time. Cant ever have too much. Anything you dont need from red school cardigan/ jumper, white shirts or polos, trousers or dresses black, grey or red.Coats, jumpers etc Request: Wardrobe (Braintree CM7) - Any wardrobe to hang clothes Request: plastic storage drawers/boxes (Braintree CM7) Withdrawn - Any plastic drawers or storage boxes large or small Request: Sewing thread and crafts (Braintree CM7) Withdrawn - Any types of thread for sewing and anything else not needed Request: carpet rug/runner (Braintree CM7) Withdrawn - Any rug / runner, please include a picture if possible Request: Roller / venetian blind (Braintree CM7) Withdrawn - Any roller or venetian blind size 3foot and 6 foot Request: pots and pans, utensils etc (Braintree CM7) Withdrawn - Ideally non stick. Frying pans and pots, cake / muffin tin kitchen utensils, plate holder, glass or cup holder Request: Mobile smartphone or tablet (Braintree CM7) - Any smartphone or tablet so that kids can use Request: Food chopper or Processor (Braintree CM7) Withdrawn - Food chopper or processor that is working