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Offers  and  Requests
Offer: 4 vintage nut crackers (Brightwood, DC) Gifted - Family "heirlooms" would like to find a good home.
Offer: unopened can of sterno (Brightwood, DC) Gifted - Never opened
Offer: small round candle holder (Brightwood, DC) - Approx 4" tall with 3 scented candles
Request: 2 gallon plastic watering can (Brightwood, DC) - Any color and condition as long as it doesn't leak Request: wired mouse (Brightwood, DC) - For laptop with usb port Offer: i Home speaker (Brightwood, DC) - Apologies to those who requested this earlier. It was never picked up and I just got around to relisting
Offer: PC eco button energy saver (Brightwood, DC)
Offer: unopened can of sterno (Brightwood, DC) Gifted
Offer: Bioactive calcium supplements (Brightwood, DC) - 2/3 full. I don't like the taste and would rather increase calcium intake by eating ice cream.
Offer: hair styling stuff (Brightwood, DC) - Vidal Sassoon body glaze used once. Bed head 1/2 full.
Offer: vintage plastic sign letters (Brightwood, DC) - Assorted sizes approx 2" and smaller.
Request: 2 gallon plastic watering can (Brightwood, DC) - Any color and condition as ling as it doesn't leak Request: 2 gallon plastic watering can (Brightwood, DC) - Any co,or and condition as ling as it doesn't leak Offer: miscellaneous white fabric (Brightwood, DC) Gifted - Inherited from a very talentedseamstress. Mostly 100% cotton. Bin not included.
Offer: iHome speaker/clock (Brightwood, DC) Gifted - Model iH11B. Used but appears in good condition. I inherited it but don't have an iphone.
Offer: aquarium accessories (Brightwood, DC) Gifted - Left over from small tank.
Offer: 3 cookie tins (Brightwood, DC) - Large and medium round, medium rectangle. Used but in great condition.
Offer: Teamsters History books (Brightwood, DC) - New copies of "Life in the Teamsters" "100 Years of Teamsters History" "Teamsters: Snapshots in Time" Teamsters: A New Millenium" "Life in the Teamsters"
Offer: small digital alarm clock (Brightwood, DC) Gifted - Barely used. Perfect for those who like to put their phones to bed in another room. Offer: Used plastic plant saucers (Brightwood, DC) - Mostly 7 and 11 inches. Clear plastic. Offer: Interior extension cords (Brightwood, DC) Gifted - Various sizes BTW 8 and 12 ft. Porch pick up. 6618 13th Place, NW Offer: Legal size white paper (Brightwood, DC) - Approx. 450 out of 500 sheets in package.
Offer: Assorted plastic plant saucers (Brightwood, DC) - 7, 9 and 12" approx 3" depth.
Offer: Durable Fabric Laptop briefcase. (Brightwood, DC) Gifted - 11 x 15 x 2". Good condition.
Offer: Durable fabric case (Brightwood, DC) Gifted - Suitable for large lap top and lots of accessories. Interior 11.5 x 15 x 2". All zippers work. No rips in compartments etc. Well padded. Used rarely.
Offer: Assorted indoor extension cords (Brightwood, DC) Gifted - Brown and white lengths from 8-14'. Indiviually labeled and packaged in ziplock bags. Porch pick-up until gone.